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Access to Household Recycling Centres

Please accept our apologies if you are experiencing traffic congestion at or around your local Household Recycling Centre (HRC).

The congestion over the last few weeks is a temporary situation that occurs every year when the seasons change and the first initial surge of inputs arrive as residents start to undertake household DIY and gardening activities etc.

We are currently working to improve access to Household Recycling Centres and kindly ask for your patience. In the meantime we advise you to visit your local Household Recycling Centres during the following days/times.

  • Tuesday to Thursday
  • Before 10am and after 3pm weekdays

If you want to know more about recycling, or would like to report any problems with your recycling or refuse collections, the following information can help. Alternatively you can use the button above.

Recycling Centres – Locate Recycling Centres

Essential Information
  • We have a network of around 400 Local Recycling Centres and 5 Household Recycling Centres in Birmingham.

  • If you’ve noticed a problem at any of our recycling centres, such as rubbish overflowing or burnt-out or if you feel the recycling banks should be re-sited because you think it’s in an unsuitable place, please press the Report Problem at Recycling Site button above. Our response times are below.

    Problem Response within
    Rubbish and litter around the recycling centre One working day
    Full or overflowing recycling banks Two working days
    Vandalised or burnt-out recycling banks Two working days
    Enquire about re siting your local recycling banks We will contact you to discuss this. If we agree to re-site the banks, we will arrange to do it within 28 working days.
Frequently Asked Questions
    • Some flats already have the collection service. However, because all flats are different, it’s a complicated process to arrange. We are currently rolling out the service to flats across all parts of the city and hope to have as many suitable housing blocks on board by 2010.

      If you have a management or residents’ committee and the majority of residents would like the service, we can consider arranging it for you.

      Just email us on recycling@birmingham.gov.uk or call 0121 303 1112 and we will come and look at your flats to see if we can arrange a collection service.

    • We have a dedicated contact centre that can offer a one-stop service; from missed collections to requests for new recycling boxes. Call 0121 303 1112.

      If you wish to speak to an Operational Manager direct, the contact centre staff will pass on a message and ask them to contact you.