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Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a national welfare benefit, which helps people on a low income to pay their rent.

It is paid to help people on a low income pay their rent.

Housing Benefit is a means tested benefits. This means that when we work out your benefit we have to take your income, savings and investments into account.

Local Councils run the Housing Benefit scheme using Government rules.

You can get Housing Benefit as long as you are actually living in a property and as long as you are the person who who is responsible for paying the rent to:

  • the council
  • a housing association or registered social landlord
  • a private landlord.

Housing Benefit paid to private tenants is sometimes called Local Housing Allowance. There have been some important recent welfare reform changes to these allowance which you can see here.

Housing Benefit can only be paid on the actual rent that is charged. Some service charges, such as shared cleaning or gardening, can also be paid, but personal services, such as a separate garage or washing, cannot.

You can now claim or report a change of circumstances online, it is the fastest way to get your claim for Housing Benefit started.

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