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Technical Documents

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This section contains links to many of the technical documents, which our own highway designers, constructors, & contractors need to follow in order to build roads meeting the highest standards you expect of us.

The heart of the technical documents is the Common Standards for Streetworks Maintenance. We have introduced these standards to ensure fair comparisons are made when measuring the performance of all contractors and stakeholders who work on the roads.

Birmingham City Council has facilitated the work of Birmingham's Highways Authorities and Utilities Committee in creating a framework for managing change within street works. Partnerships have flourished within this body, allowing agreements to be reached on standards and best practice.

Also included in this section are links to templates for many of the contract agreements which are entered into between us & the contractors who work on our behalf. Each contract is of course unique however from the information obtained here, you can get an idea of what to expect a customised contract to contain.

We hope this area of our website will become a valuable resource for everybody with an interested in the technical aspects of road design & construction - be they people working in industry, students, or interested residents alike.