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High Places

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High Places is concerned with the delivery of tall buildings across the city and provides guidance on the location, form and appearance of tall buildings.

A building is considered tall where it is significantly higher than its neighbours or would make a recognisable impact on the skyline.

Most new tall buildings will be constructed within the city centre.

  • Tall buildings are appropriate on the ridge that runs from Five Ways to Lancaster Circus
  • Tall buildings should reinforce the natural topography
  • Some specific sites at major junctions and arrival points are also appropriate locations for tall buildings
  • The suitability of a tall building will depend on its relationship to its context
  • The design of tall buildings should contribute positively to the skyline, create a landmark incorporate antennae, masts and aerials elegantly and avoid creating an unacceptable micro climate or shadowing.

The document below explains the issues we will be taking into account when we receive a planning application for a tall building. It has been adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Document Status : Statutory Policy Document – Adopted March 2003

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Last Updated : 17th January 2012