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Healthy Tums in Brum

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With obesity and diet related diseases high on the national health agenda, together with a continuing high level of food poisoning cases each year in the UK, Birmingham City Council is giving young people the chance to learn about the importance of healthy eating and preparing food safely in a fun and practical way.

In September 2006, with the aid of a food hygiene grant from the Food Standards Agency Birminghams Food Safety Team launched the Citys first Healthy Tums in Brum award. The principal aims of Healthy Tums in Brum campaign involve raising awareness of food hygiene and healthy eating amongst 13 and 14 year olds (Year 9) through a school chef competition. The first campaign was very well received by teachers and students and is continuing this year and hopefully into the future.

Ten secondary schools are randomly selected across the City to take part in the competition which includes a one hour workshop at each school to promote the 4Cs - Cooking, Cleaning, Chilling and Cross-contamination, and delivers the nutritional message to encourage young people to make healthy eating choices ie to reduce their intake of fat, sugar and salt and to increase their fruit and vegetable intake to 5-a-day. In small groups the students then design their own healthy two-course meal with drink, using a budget of 0. A cooking competition is held at each school, where students are judged on hygienic food handling practices, the nutritional value of the meals and on the taste and presentation of the finished dishes.

The winning group from each school goes through to the grand final of the Healthy Tums in Brum campaign to find the overall Healthy Tums Champions.

If you are a teacher who is interested in entering your school then please complete the application form attached below.

Even if you do not intend to enter the competition you can download the material used for free - see below.

Other Local Authorities who are interested in organising a simple campaign in their area can download the scoring sheets and other useful documents.

Evaluation of the campaign showed that the students had been influenced by the workshops to prepare food hygienically and to make healthy eating choices. 94% of students stated that they had learnt something useful, 89% were going to change the way in which they prepared food and 71% stated that they were going to change their eating habits/ diets as a consequence of the workshop.

If you would like further information about Birminghams Healthy Tums in Brum campaign, please contact:

Jenny Millward, Food Safety Team
Tel. 0121 303 4111 or e-mail jenny.millward@birmingham.gov.uk
Sally O'Neill, Food Safety Team
Tel. 0121 303 4111 or e-mail sally.o'neill@birmingham.gov.uk

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