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Handsworth Wood Ward

Almost half of Handsworth Wood Ward, in the North Western part of the City, is undeveloped, including Hilltop Golf Course and Handsworth Cemetery. The RSPB's Sandwell Valley reserve is adjacent. The River Tame flows through the ward.

Handsworth Wood Ward, formerly known as Sandwell Ward, is part of the Parliamentary Constituency of Perry Barr.

Handsworth Wood Ward comprises part of Handsworth and nearly all of Handsworth Wood. The Ward is made up of two distinct communities:

Inner City Handsworth (B21) which consists of mostly Victorian terrace properties, where Urban Renewal work has been carried out. Handsworth Wood (B20) which is mostly pre-war semi-detached and detached properties.

2011 Census of Population: Key Statistics
Handsworth Wood Ward map

According to the 2011 Population Census there were 27,749 people resident in Handsworth Wood.

  • 21.4% of people were aged under 15, 67.2% were aged between 16 and 64, while 11.4% were aged over 65.
  • The minority ethnic population made up 77.2% (21,405) of the wards population, compared with 42.1% for Birmingham.
  • 61.4% of households were owner occupied and 15.5% were rented from either the local authority, housing association or other registered social landlord. The remaining 23.1% of households rented privately or lived rent free.
  • The Census found that 13,658 (67.6%) of the population aged 16 to 74 were working or seeking work, this compared with 64.2% for Birmingham.

More Detailed statistical information is available about Birmingham and its other wards on our Census and Population Pages and also on the National Statistic Neighbourhood Website. For commentary on Birmingham please see 'View Report' section of the Census and Population Information Page.

There is further Census information available about Birmingham wards and other areas on our Key Statistics Pages and also on the National Statistics Neighbourhood Website.

Source: Census 2011, Crown Copyright.

Public Transport

Rail: The ward is bounded on its North- Eastern edge by the Birmingham - Walsall Railway Line, including Hamstead station.
Major bus routes: 16
Major Roads: Soho Road/ Holyhead Road, Oxhill Road, Handsworth Wood Road/ Hamstead Hill.

Useful Contact Numbers

District Ward Support Officer - Ken Brown
(0121) 675 2349

Councillor Gurdial Singh Atwal
(0121) 303 2039

Councillor Narinder Kooner
(0121) 303 2039

Councillor Paulette Hamilton
(0121) 303 2039

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