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Highways Information Team

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The Highways Information Team, operates within Transportation Services, and is an amalgamation of smaller teams, The Search and Enquiry Team, the Data Gathering Team, the LLPG Team incorporating Street Naming and Numbering, the Rights of Way Team and recently the Local Land Charges Team.

The Search and Enquiry Team and the Data Gathering Team

We are a multi-functional team that updates and maintains the Highway Records which enables us to provide information on request.

We can advise:

  • as to the status of a street, if it is adopted (public highway) or private.
  • if a footpath is recorded as a public right of way.
  • if a street is private, and if an agreement/dedication is in place to bring about the adoption.
  • on proposed highway improvement schemes such as road widening, new roads, roundabouts etc and whether individual properties
    are affected by proposals.
  • on proposed traffic scheme information affecting individual roads.
  • if a proposed new railway affects an individual property.
  • information on the permanent Stopping Up of Highway (extinguishment of highway rights over a length of road)
  • information on the Local Land Charges Register

We can provide information and plans as to the extent of the public highway.

We answer the highways element of Local Authority Land and Property Searches and deal with subsequent queries from solicitors/home buyers and provide access to information for personal search agents and the general public under a Licensing arrangement.

What to do if you need information about a Highway

If you need to find out about the status of a highway, then there are various ways in which you can obtain this information. For a full search, our Land Charges team will provide you with the complete range of information. For full details of the service that they provide, please visit their page on this website - http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/landcharges

For more limited searches, such as to find out if a road is "adopted" i.e. maintained at public expense, or any of the other information as outlined, you are welcome to either visit our office and research the information yourself or alternatively, you can ask the Highways Information Team to search out the information for you.

To book a half hour time slot to research your information in our office, you will need to make an appointment by email at highways.searches@birmingham.gov.uk or by calling 0121 303 7689.

To save time and effort, our highly experienced staff can carry out the search for you for a small fee of £8.34 per question. This is a ‘not-for-profit’ service and is responded to by the following day after payment in most instances. You can request this service at the above email address.

LLPG Team (incorporating Street Naming and Numbering)

This team maintains the Local Land Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and provides timely responses to Street Naming and Numbering applications and enquiries received by the Council, from the public and from property developers.

Rights of Way Team

This team deals with enquiries relating to public rights of way to include the preparation of Definitive Map Modification Orders (DMMO's), Legal Event Modification Orders (LEMO's) etc. We prepare and assist in the implementation of the Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP), take a lead in the Local Access Forum (LAF), and handle footpath closure, gating and creation requests and Definitive Mapping Statements (DMS's)

Street Naming and Numbering

We deal with applications and enquiries for new addresses within Birmingham as well as liaising with the Post Office to obtain postcodes for properties in the City.

Linkages outside Transportation Services

The work that we do is widely referenced, and provides vital information to:

  • The Government
  • West Midlands Police and other emergency services
  • The general public
  • Other city council departments
  • The Post Office
  • Private mapping and navigation system providers (e.g. GPS and Satnav providers)

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