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Winter Maintenance


It is important that you read this before using the above eform

Within the resources available it is not possible to treat every road in the city and so it is important that we target our limited resources wisely and decide which roads and footways are a priority. We have done so based on guidance and recommendations from Central Government.

We routinely treat 745 miles of carriageway throughout the city which includes all main roads together with all regular frequent bus routes, roads identified as Emergency Services routes, and main access routes to large residential estates.

We routinely treat 50% of our roads which is a higher level of service than that provided by many other local authorities nationally.

Details of the roads that are routinely treated are listed on Winter Maintenance service page.

It is not possible to treat smaller local roads.

Snow clearance will take place on the treated network when required.

Essential Information
  • We have to make decisions on what to do in cold weather conditions. We monitor both road and weather conditions around the clock during the winter period, analysing all information available which enable us to make an informed decision on when to grit the roads.

    In Times of Snow

    When a snow fall is expected greater quantities of rock salt is spread on the roads beforehand to slow the rate of the snow settling. Then, if the snow begins to settle, further salt is spread to mix in with the snow to aid its melting. Unfortunately, salt alone has a limited effect on snow and it is only the actions of re-salting and the crushing of the salt by vehicle movement that will disperse and melt the snow. We cannot plough the snow until a depth of around 50mm (two inches) is reached.

  • Anyone who has a mobile phone can also report street faults by text.

    The message will be registered on our customer contact system and the sender will then get a response confirming that their report has been logged and will be dealt with. To use this service text HIGHWAYS followed by a space, followed by your message to 07786 200 403. Accurate details of the location and nature of the fault should be included in the text to speed up our response

Frequently Asked Questions
    • How quickly this report is dealt with depends on how urgent the problem is.

      We will inspect anything you report within a maximum of 5 working days.

      Dangerous faults or situations will be made safe within 24 hours of the report.

      All other defects will be scheduled for attention or repair within planned programmes, for Street lighting faults usually within 12 business days (95% of the time) and for Street Names Plates with 28 business days from the report.

    • If you haven't been able to find the information that you need then the link below will take you to a form that you can use to ask us further questions.

      Service Specific Enquiry