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Grammar Schools

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Entry to The Grammar Schools in Birmingham

For entry to selective schools in September 2016 only those children born between 1 September 2004 and 31 August 2005 are eligible to take the optional selective tests.

If you wish your child to be entered for an entrance test, you should discuss this with your child’s Head teacher first. Within Birmingham there is one entrance test your child can sit. Entrance tests are held for places at one of the grammar schools within The Grammar Schools in Birmingham.

In addition, you may also wish your child to sit entrance tests for schools outside Birmingham. Please note that other Local Authorities have different closing dates and admission arrangements and you are advised to contact them for further information.

An application to sit the entrance test is not an expression of preference for the school
concerned. You must also complete the preference form of your home Local Authority (i.e. the Local Authority to which you pay your council tax).

The Grammar Schools in Birmingham
The following grammar schools are within The Grammar Schools in Birmingham:

  • Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School for Boys
  • Handsworth Grammar School
  • King Edward VI Aston School
  • King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys
  • King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls
  • King Edward VI Five Ways School
  • King Edward VI Handsworth School
  • Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls

Entry requirements
Optional tests for the admission of pupils to any of The Grammar Schools in Birmingham will take place on Saturday 12 September 2015. If you wish your child to be entered for the entrance test for one of the above schools then you should complete the Request for Optional Test form by 16:00 hours (4pm) on 10 July 2015 at the latest. You must include a passport sized photograph of your child for identification purposes. Forms may be submitted online via www.birminghamgrammarschools.org

Please note that if your form has not been received by 16:00 hours (4pm) Friday 10 July 2015, for whatever reason, your child will not be permitted to take the tests.

An explanatory brochure will be available from mid-May 2015 from The Grammar Schools in Birmingham (Tel: 0121 415 6004) and the individual grammar schools.

All Optional Test forms received will be acknowledged within fourteen working days. Candidates will then be informed of their allocated test centre and the time at which they should attend to take the entrance test. This may be via email.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement, you should contact The Grammar Schools in Birmingham before the closing date to confirm that your form has been received.

Supplementary tests will be held later in September 2015 for those who provide proof of illness on the day of the original test (a medical certificate or doctor’s letter) or proof they cannot sit the test on that day on religious grounds (a letter from their religious leader).

The Tests
Candidates will only be required to sit one test to be considered for a place at a school that forms part of The Grammar Schools in Birmingham or Warwickshire Authority. There are 2 exams of approximately 45 minutes duration each. Papers will be divided into smaller individually timed sections that test:

  • Verbal ability
  • Non-verbal ability
  • Reading comprehension
  • Numerical ability

Candidates will record their answers on a separate answers sheet and most of the questions take a multiple choice format. Marks will be standardised to take account of differences in age and then added together.

Results of tests
The results of Birmingham grammar school tests should be sent by letter to parents towards the end of October 2015. The test results will be sent out by The Grammar Schools in Birmingham. Once parents receive the test results for their child they should make an informed decision as to whether they should name a grammar school as one of their preferences.

Offer of grammar schools
Places are offered to candidates on the basis of the highest qualifying scores in the tests. Please refer to the individual schools’ information section of the parents' information booklet for full details of their admission policies.

Pupils who gain places at selective schools will not be entitled to free transport from the Local Authority if an appropriate vacancy exists in a Local Authority maintained school within three miles of their home address.

Coaching for Selective Tests
The Local Authority’s policy is that no teaching or coaching for selective tests should take place in any of the city’s primary schools. It is believed that the practice of coaching is counterproductive, as overachievement in the selective tests may be against the long term interests of children whose ability may be more limited than their test score would suggest.

Head Teachers who receive requests for guidance from parents have been asked to provide this within the context of the overall educational development of the children concerned.

Selective Tests and Equality Act 2010
It is unlawful for a Local Authority to discriminate against a person who is considered to have a disability in any of the following ways:

  • the arrangements made for determining the admission of pupils to a school;
  • the terms on which admission to the school is offered; or
  • refusing or deliberately not accepting an application for admission to a school from someone who is disabled.

Where a pupil has a disability (as defined in the Equality Act 2010), the admission authority must consider any reasonable adjustments that could be made to ensure that disabled pupils are not placed at a substantial disadvantage to those who are not disabled.

If you wish to enter your child for the selective test for a place The Grammar Schools in Birmingham and you want your child considered for a reasonable adjustment because of a disability, then please contact The Grammar Schools in Birmingham on 0121 415 6004 to request an application form (Form A1).

The application form will be available from May 2015. Please note that parents/carers are required to submit the information requested on Form A1 by no later than 17th June 2015.

For further information and independent advice please contact:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission Helpline on 0845 604 6610 or visit www.equalitieshumanrights.com