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Local Code of Governance

This page can be referred to as http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/governance

Birmingham City Council recognises that:-

  • Good governance leads to good management, good performance, good stewardship of public money, good public engagement and, ultimately, good outcomes for citizens and service users;
  • Good governance enables local authorities to pursue their visions in an effective manner, as well as underpinning their visions with appropriate mechanisms for control and management of risk;
  • All authorities should aim to meet the standards of the best and governance arrangements should not only be sound, but also be seen to be sound;
  • Governance is about how local governance bodies ensure that they are doing the right things, in the right way, for the right people, in a timely, inclusive, open, honest and accountable manner; and
  • It comprises the systems and processes, and culture and values, by which local government is directed and controlled and through which it accounts to, engages with and, where appropriate, provides leadership to their communities.

Birmingham City Council is committed to applying the core principles set out in the SOLACE / CIPFA Good Governance Framework (2007) of:-

  • Focusing on the purpose of the authority and on outcomes for the community and creating and implementing a vision for the local area;
  • Members and officers working together to achieve a common purpose with clearly defined functions and roles;
  • Promoting values for the authority and demonstrating the values of good governance through upholding high standards of conduct and behaviour;
  • Taking informed and transparent decisions which are subject to effective scrutiny and managing risks;
  • Developing the capacity and capability of members and officers to be effective; and
  • Engaging with local people and other stakeholders to ensure robust public accountability.

Being mindful of the foregoing and, in particular, its duty to promote good governance within the City Council, within Birmingham and the wider West Midlands region, the City Council is satisfied that it already has a well established and robust Constitution and other good governance documents and arrangements in place.

The purpose of this " Local Code of Governance", therefore, is to provide a simple document, with hyperlinks, to relevant documents relating to governance, which are already available free of charge on the Council's website.

For any further information on the City Council's Good Governance arrangements, please contact:-

David Tatlow
Director of Legal & Democratic Services
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 15992 Birmingham B2 2UQ

Tel: 0121-303 2151
email: david.tatlow@birmingham.gov.uk

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