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Resident Involvement


Resident involvement is how you, as a tenant, leaseholder or resident, can influence how the council provides its services to you.

It is a two way process, which means that we will share information and ideas with you, and we will listen to your suggestions and comments.

Successful resident involvement should lead to improvements in the services you receive and help the council to make better decisions.

Essential Information
  • We would like to involve as many residents across Birmingham as possible. There are ten districts in Birmingham and each district has a Tenant Participation Officer whose job is to help you become involved and to support the residents who are already involved.

    Choose an area to find out how you can get involved in managing your homes, improving your area and improving how we deliver your services in:

    Or contact the Resident Involvement Team direct.

    Across Birmingham there are currently 33 Housing Liaison Boards (HLB) and around 20 Resident Associations. These are comprised of around 400 HLB members, 70 sheltered HLB members, 15 tenant inspectors and around another 150 active participants.

    Citywide Groups

  • Leaseholders are people who own a former council flat or maisonette but whose freeholds are owned by the council.

    The Leaseholders Liaison Board (LLB) was created because there are far fewer of leaseholders than council tenants and they have different concerns to council tenants.

    The LLB looks at issues that particularly affect leaseholders - such as leaseholder charges, major repair programmes and the development of neighbourhoods.

    All Leaseholder Liaison Board members have been democratically elected and every constituency in the city is represented.

    To find out more about leaseholder involvement contact the Leasehold Services Team.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • No. As a tenant, leaseholder or resident you are our eyes and ears for your community. The most important thing that you can bring is an interest in improving our services. We will try to help you to gain the confidence and knowledge to be able to make meaningful decisions about your housing services.

    • I'm too shy to talk in a meeting. What else can I do?

      There are lots of ways that you can get involved. Some of these activities only take up a little of your time, and many of these take place inside your own home. Examples include surveys by post, telephone or email, mystery shopping, conferences and events.

      Other activities take longer or happen more frequently and involve meetings and events. Getting involved at this level gives you an even greater say in the changes we make to our services and offers a chance to meet new people. Examples include focus groups, Housing Liaison Boards (HLBs), Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) and residents’ associations.

      Our menu of resident involvement explains the options in more detail. To express an interest in getting involved in any of these activities, please speak to your tenant participation officer.

    • A Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) is set up by residents to manage the homes in a specific area on behalf of the council. As a member of a TMO you will have a say in the way your housing service is run and you will still be a tenant of the council.

    • A Housing Liaison Board is made up of a group of tenants, leaseholders, local residents, Councillors and housing staff who monitor and improve housing services in their local area. You can find out more by visiting the Housing Liaison Board web page.

    • A residents’ association is a group of local residents that works to tackle issues of concern in a specified area. If they meet certain criteria, they can then apply for an annual administration grant from Birmingham City Council.

    • There are a number of activities that you can do in your own home. For example, email and telephone surveys, telephone interviews and online questionnaires. You can also share your views with your tenant participation officer over the telephone. If this is difficult for you, we can also arrange for someone to visit you at home.

      Our menu of resident involvement lists all of the activities we offer.

    • Your views are important to us, so if you are unable to attend any meetings, please let your tenant participation officer know. They may ask you to complete a questionnaire or send an email with your comments and they will then arrange for your views to be put forward.

    • We want to hear from anyone who accesses our housing services, so you do not necessarily have to be a council tenant to get involved. However, some of the formal groups (such as Housing Liaison Boards and residents’ associations) may have limitations on what you can vote on. Your local tenant participation officer can tell you more.

    • If you prefer, you can begin by trying some of our resident involvement activities from home, such as surveys and telephone conferences.

      We want you to be able to participate in any way you wish so we can support you to take part in resident involvement activities that take place outside the home. We will pay for your travelling expenses (bus fare, taxi provided by us or mileage for using your own vehicle) and childcare. Your local tenant participation officer can tell you more.

    • There is an annual training plan that is agreed in partnership with tenant-led groups. The training is designed to help members to extend their knowledge, develop their skills and build their confidence.

    • If you wish to attend any events or meetings, we will ensure that the venues are fully accessible. We also provide hearing loops for those with hearing loss and large print documents or audio CDs for those who are visually impaired.

      You also have the option of participating in resident involvement activities from home.

    • To find out more about getting involved with us, you can telephone your local tenant participation officer on one of the numbers below:

      Erdington: 0121 675 0314
      Sutton Coldfield: 0121 303 1952
      Perry Barr: 0121 303 3074
      Ladywood: 0121 464 1614
      Edgbaston: 0121 303 5359
      Yardley: 0121 303 7128
      Hodge Hill: 0121 464 1615
      Northfield: 0121 464 3492
      Selly Oak: 0121 464 3626
      Hall Green: 0121 675 6098

      You can also email the central resident involvement team on: residentinvolvement@birmingham.gov.uk or telephone 0121 675 4881.