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Why use Birmingham Register Office?

Birmingham Register Office, 6-14 Edmund Street 1932-1962
Where ever possible for family tree research, we will provide a digital scan of the original register entry. This means that you get an exact copy of the original registration and your ancestors signature or mark.

Certificates obtained from the General Register Office are prepared from copies written and sent by the Registrar, Vicar or Authorised Person, therefore they do not show original signatures.

We aim to post all requests for single certificates within 3 days, it will take us a little longer if you request more certificates.

Indexes dating back to 1837
Ordering Certificates

If you provide the year, quarter and reference details from the General Register Office Index, we will search for that specific entry.

If you do not specify an entry, we will do a five year search of our records, two years either side of the year you give. If we are unable to find the entry we will not be able to search for it again unless you provide additional information such as a GRO reference.

If we are unable to find an entry in our registers, we will refund your certificate fee.
If we find a probable match in our registers, where only some of the information corresponds with the information supplied, we will contact you and obtain your agreement before issuing a certificate.

The Register Repository at Birmingham Register Office

If you apply for more than one certificate and information from one is to be used to confirm that others are correct we will issue the first certificate to ensure you are satisfied before issuing others, this ensures you only purchase certificates relevant to your research. Obtaining Certificates

NB. John Yates our resident genealogist has decided to retire, as a result we are unable to provide extended genealogical research. We will still provide certificates for family history please see our page Obtaining Certificates

If you require a search for more than five years, this is called a General Search, for which there are additional charges.

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