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Birmingham City Council

Green Recycling Chargeable Collection Service


You can now take advantage of the half year collection service at a cost of £17.50. If you purchase the service online you will receive a £2.00 discount and you will receive up to 10 collections.

Please ensure that you read all of the information on this page before you request the Green Recycling Collection Service.

To request the green recycling chargeable collection service, click on the blue button above.

To ensure we send the green recycling wheelie bin/sacks to the correct location, please ensure that you check the service location before submitting the online form. The service location is the address of where you would like your bin/sacks to be delivered to and collected from. Please also ensure that you have updated your address details on your online account. If you are updating your address details you will need to log out of your online account and log back in again. This will ensure that your details have been updated.

If you do not update your property details your bin/sacks will be delivered to your old address but you will still be charged for the service and you will not be entitled to a refund.

From February 2014 we will no longer provide a free green recycling collection service due to the need for the Council to make significant financial savings and to save money on waste services.

The new green recycling chargeable collection service is only available if you live in Birmingham, i.e. you pay your council tax to us.

If you do not live in Birmingham you should contact your own local authority.

The annual fee for the green recycling collection service is £35.00.

You can have more than one green recycling wheelie bin if you wish but you must have enough space on your property to store it and will have to pay for each additional wheelie bin.

If you request and pay for the green recycling chargeable collection service before 31 January 2014 you will be entitled to receive 20 fortnightly collections.

If you purchase the service after it has commenced in February you will be entitled to the number of collections that are remaining from the point at which you receive your wheelie bin to when the service comes to an end in November 2014.

You can purchase a half year collection service from 14 July 2014. The annual fee is £17.50 and you will be entitled to receive up to 10 collections. The half-year collection service does not commence until 1 August 2014.

If you purchase this service online using the form on this page you will be entitled to a £2.00 discount on the prices quoted above.

The green recycling chargeable collection service runs from the end of February through to the end of November each year. No service is available for a 12 week period each year over the winter months.

Important Information
Recycling sacks will only be provided if your property is not suitable for a wheelie bin. You are NOT able to ‘choose’ to receive sacks as an alternative to a wheelie bin, these are only provided where wheelie bins are clearly not practical. For further information please refer to the Essential Information below.

Essential Information
  • You must put only the following into your green recycling wheelie bin/sacks for collection:

    • Grass cuttings
    • Hedge and shrub cuttings
    • Plants and weeds
    • Tree/shrub branch cutting of less than 5 cm (2 inches) diameter
    • Leaves
    • Dead flowers

    Items you MUST NOT put in your Green Recycling Wheelie Bin/Sacks

    You MUST NOT put the following into your green recycling wheelie bin/sacks if you do we will NOT collect the recycling.

    • Green waste produced by or through a trade, business or otherwise on a commercial basis
    • Stones, soil, bricks and rubble
    • Garden chemicals
    • Treated wood
    • Japanese Knotweed
    • Garden tools and implements
    • Garden furniture/ornaments
    • Plant pots, plastic trays
    • Kitchen/food waste
    • Tree/shrub branches greater than 5 cm (2 inches) diameter
    • Animal bedding/faeces
  • Recycling sacks will only be provided if the property has been assessed as unsuitable for a wheelie bin.

    If your property has been assessed as unsuitable for a green recycling wheelie bin you can still receive the green recycling chargeable collection service. The charges are the same as for a green recycling wheelie bin but we will provide you with plastic sacks that will be marked with the year to which the service relates.

    If your property is unsuitable for a green recycling wheelie bin and you purchase the service on or after 14 July 2014 you will be provided with a total of 30 sacks for the remainder of the collection service that year.
  • For terms and conditions please refer to the attachments sections below.

  • We will deliver your green recycling wheelie bin / sacks within 20 working days from the date of your purchase.

    Sometimes the lid of the wheelie bin does not sit correctly but as the plastic has “memory” it should revert back to its original shape and sit down correctly. This process can be assisted if you gently wriggle the lid. If the lid is still damaged after allowing the plastic to settle you will need to request a replacement bin.
  • Green recycling will be collected from each household fortnightly. Once you have received your wheelie bin / sacks you can find your collection date online.

    Your household rubbish is collected on the same day every week. Your green recycling is collected on the same day as your household rubbish but on the alternate week to your mixed materials recycling.

    Your green recycling wheelie bin/sacks should be placed, on the pavement, at the edge of your property by 6am on your collection day, but no earlier than 3.30pm the day before the collection. Your green recycling may not be collected if you present you bin/sacks late.

  • Composting

    Composting turns waste into nutrients for your garden and can help reduce climate change. This is the best and cheapest way to get rid of garden waste.

    You can find out about the different type of compost bins available and the price and delivery charge at

    Household Recycling Centres

    You can take your garden waste to your local Household Recycling Centre for free.

    Please Note: You may want to avoid the peak periods at Household Recycling Centres. These are:

    • Friday to Monday from 9am

    Generally the best times to visit the Household Recycling Centres are:

    • Tuesday to Thursday before 10am and after 3pm
  • You can report dumped green waste here. We will investigate reported dumped green waste and take appropriate action. Where the dumping is clearly attributable to a particular household, we will ask them to dispose of the green waste and advise them that the free collection service has ended.

    Where the dumping is not clearly attributable to an individual household, we will leaflet the immediate surrounding area to request the responsible household to dispose of the green waste. We will carry out further assessments of the area and if the green waste has not been disposed of offenders may face legal action.

    If the dumped green waste is not removed, or where such behaviour continues, we will investigate this as a fly-tipping offence and take the appropriate formal action.

    We will only usually remove dumped green waste at the point where we have been able to identify and take action against the offender.

  • We will provide, upon request, an assisted collection to households where there is a registered Blue Badge holder or you are unable to participate without assistance due to infirmity or disability. However, should an able-bodied person aged 16+ years be resident in the household, we will expect that the able-bodied resident will present the recycling at the usual collection point.

    We may visit you to confirm your circumstances and eligibility.

    On your collection day the crew will collect and empty the green recycling wheelie bin/sacks from an agreed location and return them to the same location.

    You must agree and confirm that the information you provide to request the assisted collection service is true and accurate.

    You must notify us if this service is no longer required, i.e. recovery from illness, new member of the household who is over 16 and able to present the green recycling wheelie bin/sacks moves into your property, etc.

    You will need to renew your request for an assisted collection each year when making payment for the green recycling chargeable collection service.

    If you meet the criteria you can request an assisted collection here.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • We can’t afford to carry on providing a free service. Many other Councils have already introduced charges for green recycling collections as a way of protecting key front line services such as social care.

    • Green Recycling sacks will only be provided if the property has been assessed unsuitable for a wheelie bin. There are significant benefits to putting green recycling directly into a wheelie bin:

      • No need for plastic sacks
      • The green waste goes directly to a site for composting which benefits the environment
      • Helps to keep local neighbourhoods cleaner

    • You can dispose of your green recycling by taking it to a Household Recycling Centre or composting it at home. Disposing of green recycling with ordinary household rubbish is not permitted.

    • It is an offence to create a Statutory Nuisance by lighting a bonfire.

    • We will collect your green recycling for you and compost it. You will receive 20 collections a year for an equivalent cost of £1.75 per collection. You will be provided with a 240 litre wheelie bin (the equivalent of about 3 sacks) and you will not have the inconvenience of taking your green waste to the local Household Recycling Centre.

    • Your green recycling wheelie bin is grey with a brown lid, has an identification chip fitted and has the capacity to hold 240 litres of green recycling. The wheelie bin is about 107 cm high and takes up a ground space of 58 cm x 74 cm.

      The identification chip known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); contains a Unique Reference Number, which allows us to identify the bin as belonging to a particular property.

    • You can have up to a maximum of 10 green recycling wheelie bins, but you must have enough space to store them on your property and will have to pay for each additional wheelie bin.

    • The collection of green recycling is not a statutory service and not all households have a garden – so it would be unfair to require all households to pay for something that they don’t want or need.

    • You can pay for this service by Debit/Credit card only.

    • Payments can be made by Credit or Debit Cards only. This is because it is the most cost-efficient way for us to take payment for this service.

      Cash and cheque payments would be the most expensive way for us to administer the payment, and given the relatively low cost of the green collection service, it would mean that most of your payment would be used to process the payment, not to deliver the service.

      If you do not have a credit or debit card, you may wish to consider asking a family member to purchase it on your behalf, or alternatively may wish to consider sharing a wheelie bin with a neighbour.

    • No. There are no concessionary fees for this service. The fee only covers collection costs. We still have to pay for the green waste to be composted. However, if you purchase the service using the form on this page you will get a £2.00 discount until the end of March 2014.

    • Opening a “One Account” to purchase this service enables us to provide improved security for the data stored within our system. When you provide us with your e-mail address it allows us to communicate with you more efficiently and effectively.

      The “One Account” has a number of other benefits, for example, you can:

      • more easily request a Bulky Waste Collection
      • pay your council tax
      • make a claim for Local Housing Allowance, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support
      • notify us of changes in circumstances that may affect your Local Housing Allowance, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support
      • if you are a council tenant you can pay your rent and view and manage your rent account

    • If it is our mistake then we will ensure that the collection is made by the end of the working day following the day you report it. Leave your green recycling wheelie bin at the normal collection point until it is emptied.

      If your green recycling has not been collected, due to circumstances beyond our control, i.e. inclement weather or road closures, etc., it will be collected as soon as is reasonably practical.

      If the green recycling has not been collected, because you presented it late or incorrectly, you will have to wait until the next scheduled collection before it is removed. In these circumstances you must return the green recycling wheelie bin / sacks to your property until the next scheduled collection or take the waste to your nearest Household Recycling Centre.

    • You are. We would recommend that you bag your household rubbish before putting it into your household rubbish wheelie bin.

      The recycling that you put into your recycling wheelie bins/boxes should be put in loose and NOT in carrier/plastic bags.

    • It is your responsibility to ensure that the wheelie bin is stored safely and securely. You should permanently mark the bin with your house number / name (or other unique design) to help prevent it from being stolen. You should also take the bin back on to your property as soon as possible after the collection has been made. There will be a £20 administration and delivery charge for the replacement of stolen / missing bins.

    • You do not have to put your green recycling out for collection every fortnight if you don’t have very much green waste, but there will be no reduction in the charge made. You may want to put your green recycling out for collection every 4 weeks or alternatively you may wish to consider sharing a wheelie bin with a neighbour but you will need to make and be responsible for your own arrangements.

    • No. You must not overload your green recycling wheelie bin. If it is over-loaded and you cannot close the lid, we will not empty it as this may cause damage to the wheelie bin or our machinery/vehicle.

    • We will collect neatly bundled cardboard only if it is left alongside your recycling bin with a pod/boxes/refuse sacks.

      If any other additional waste is left alongside your wheelie bins/boxes/sacks we will collect and empty your wheelie bins/boxes/sacks but we will NOT collect the additional waste you have left alongside them. If you have left additional waste we will leave a tag/card on it which explains why the additional waste has not been collected.

      You will need to put the additional waste into your wheelie bins/boxes once we have emptied them and wait for the next scheduled collection. Alternatively, you can take the additional waste to your nearest Household Recycling Centre.

      If you repeatedly leave additional waste by the side of the wheelie bins/boxes/sacks, we will, if necessary, consider taking legal action or withdraw the service.

    • We recognise that a variety of community based groups and residents voluntarily support us by collecting green recycling, particularly fallen leaves from the highway during the Autumn season.

      You can submit a request to us by email at and we will supply any bona-fide group / residents with green recycling collection sacks and make appropriate arrangements for them to be collected free of charge.

    • Disposal of Japanese Knotweed canes should be done within the confines of your garden. Cut stems cannot re-grow once they have dried to a dark brown colour. Dried out stems can be safely composted. Pulled stems, which will include crowns, are not suitable for composting.

      You are responsible for removing Japanese Knotweed if it is on your private land. Further advice is available online from the Environment Agency.

      The council will not remove Japanese Knotweed unless it is on council owned land.

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