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Garden Waste Service

The annual subscription for garden waste is no longer available for purchase this year.

Pre-orders for next year will start on the 1st December 2016.

Collection days for garden waste are changing for residents living in some parts of Sutton Coldfield Four Oaks. The attached information will confirm your new day and the date of when your new collection will start. Collection day changes to garden waste in Four Oaks will be taking place from the 28th July to the 5th August.

Garden waste collection day change

Key information for current customers

  • The garden waste collection service is available across the city.
  • Your garden waste will be collected fortnightly. We will always try to collect on the same day as your household waste but in some circumstances it may be a different day. If this is the case we will write to you to confirm your collection day.
  • If you are already using wheelie bins for your household rubbish and recycling and you subscribe to the garden waste service we will provide you with a wheelie bin (even if you previously received a sack service)
  • If you are using the old sack and box collection method for your household rubbish and recycling and you subscribe to the garden waste service we will provide you with a set of brown 2016 garden waste sacks as these properties are unsuitable for wheelie bins
  • Ensure you have sufficient space to store the wheelie bin(s)

From this page you can:

What to expect once you have signed up to the garden waste service

What we would like you to do What you can expect from us
  • We will collect your garden waste on your scheduled day between 6.00am and 3.30pm
  • Ensure there is no excess garden waste outside the wheelie bin
  • We will only empty garden waste presented inside the wheelie bin. We will not take any garden waste left beside the bin
  • We will not empty the garden waste and will tag your bin if it is contaminated with incorrect items
  • Ensure the wheelie bin lid is closed
  • We will not empty your bin if it is overflowing or too heavy

Kinds of garden waste we will and won't collect:

Please use your garden waste wheelie bin for grass, hedge clippings, plants, weeds, leaves, bush prunings and *tree prunings.

Please do not use the garden waste wheelie bin for stones, soil, bricks, rubble, *Japanese Knotweed, plastics, metals, chemicals, treated wood, meat, vegetables, fruit, pet bedding and faeces.

Garden Waste Items Yes and No

*Note: Tree pruning – must be no more than 5cm or 2 inches in diameter
*Note: Japanese Knotweed – for information on how to dispose of this properly please go to www.environment-agency.gov.uk.

You can take all of the above, except trade waste and Japanese Knotweed, to your nearest Household Recycling Centre (Tip)

More Information

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If you choose not to renew the garden waste service

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Alternative options to dispose of your garden waste

Japanese Knotweed

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