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Renting a garage

How to rent a council garage

Council garages are available to rent to anyone living in Birmingham. If you would like to apply for one, please complete the online application form below.

To find out more about where our garages are and if they are available, visit one of our Customer Service Centres where staff will be pleased to help. They can also provide an application form and let you know if there is a waiting list.

How much does a garage cost to rent?

The average cost of a council garage is £5.87 per week.
Council tenants and leaseholders who pay ground rent to the council are charged £5.87 on average per week for a council garage. Council tenants who started renting their garages before January 2005 have £5.87 added to their rent. Council tenants and Leaseholders can pay the garage rent by Direct Debit. For more information on setting up a Direct Debit online or to make a payment visit www.birmingham.gov.uk/payrent.

Private tenants, other leaseholders and owner occupiers are charged £5.87 plus VAT, on average £7.04 per week.
If a customer wishes to take 'rent payment holidays' for two weeks over Christmas and two weeks over Easter then they will make 48 payments of £5.87 over the year (£7.04 inclusive of VAT if applicable).
An invoice is sent every quarter to those customers whose garage rental started before January 2005. Payments can be made at local banks, post offices or at PayPoint outlets. Customers can pay by cash, cheque, credit or debit card or by setting up a monthly or quarterly standing order through their bank.

If payment is not made a reminder letter will be sent followed by a further warning that steps will be taken to repossess the garage. If payment is not made a Notice to Quit will be issued and arrangements will be made to replace the locks on the garage.

How to get a garage repair done

Wear and tear takes its toll on garages in much the same way as it does on council housing. If you rent a garage from us and you want to report a repair, go to our repairs and improvements pages.

Remember that you may have to undertake some minor repairs yourself. Find out more or submit an enquiry on our repairs page.