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Frozen meals

Community Meals: Frozen meals

Frozen meals

If you find it difficult to prepare a hot main meal for yourself and you are able to use an oven or microwave, you could look at buying ready meals.

Who can get frozen meals?

Frozen meals are available to anyone who wants or needs them. If you would like to have frozen meals delivered to your home you will have to arrange your service with your preferred supplier. If you are unable to make your own arrangements with a supplier, contact us on 0121 303 1234 and we will support you to do so.

You will need a small freezer to store the meals and be able to use a microwave or oven to cook them.

Frozen ready meals cater for people with a range of dietary needs. These can include diabetic, low fat, reducing diet, moderate salt diet, gluten free, vegetarian and egg free meals.

Who supplies frozen meals?

Frozen ready meals can be bought from most supermarkets, or you could consider buying frozen ready meals that are delivered to your home by a specialist supplier.

To find suppliers of frozen meals in Birmingham visit: Marketplace.MyCareInBirmingham.org.uk (Opens in a new window)

How much does it cost?

The cost of the meals depends upon which meals you buy and which organisation you buy them from. You will have to pay for the full cost of the meals you order.

How to get in touch

For enquiries please email: MyCareInBirmingham.Enquiries@birmingham.gov.uk

To find Service Providers visit: Marketplace.MyCareInBirmingham.org.uk (Opens in a new window)

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