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Friends of Kingfisher Country Park

Project Kingfisher was established in 1985 to care for seven miles (11 kilometres) of the Cole Valley (from Small Heath to Chemsley Wood) and to improve it for the benefit of both people and wildlife. The important continuous green corridor of land (approaching 1,000 acres/400 hectares) passes through the otherwise heavily built up areas of East Birmingham and North Solihull. The project Rangers organise and lead the event programme and work extensively with local schools, as well as patrolling the Valley and organising conservation work.

The Project now has a membership section called 'The Friends of Project Kingfisher'. By joining you will be showing your support for the Project's aim of caring for the Cole Valley and improving it for the benefit of both people and wildlife. To have a large group of people showing their support in this way will be of tremendous benefit to the work of the Rangers. This isn't a Conservation group (so you won't be asked to wade about in mud or plant lots of trees). All that is wanted is for you to show your support for the project.

Benefits of Joining

There are also lots of benefits of joining the Friends of Project Kingfisher:

1. All members will be sent priority copies of the Project Newsletter and other leaflets as soon as they are printed.
2. Members will be consulted over major plans for the Valley and have the chance to comment before schemes are implemented.
3. Special meetings will be organised for members, including occasional slide and film shows (free of charge).
4. Members will receive a discount on ticket prices and priority booking for coach trips organised by Project Kingfisher (at least two a year).
5. A free membership card.


Membership runs from April each year for twelve months and is open to everyone. If you would like more information regarding memberships please contact the Rangers at Sheldon Country Park on 0121 742 0226.