Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Drainage and Flood Risk Management

Birmingham has experienced a number of large scale floods in recent years. Flooding in Birmingham is often a combination of river flooding, sewer flooding and surface water flooding. It is estimated that there are over 30,000 properties at risk of flooding in Birmingham.

It is not possible to eradicate flooding, but Birmingham City Council is determined to work with its professional partners to reduce flood risk and minimise the damage caused by flooding as far as possible.

Under the provisions of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, Birmingham City Council has been given new responsibilities as the Lead Local Flood Authorities.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Developing a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy
  • Cooperating with other flood risk management authorities
  • Carrying out investigations of flooding where appropriate
  • Keeping a public register of structures and features which have a significant effect on local flood risk
  • Consenting works on ordinary watercourses
  • Acting as Statutory Consultee on all major developments in relation to Sustainable Drainage
  • Preparing reports and plans to meet the requirements of the Flood Risk Regulations
  • Regulation of ordinary watercourses, including permissive powers to require landowners to maintain ordinary watercourses on their land / property where flood risk is a concern
  • We also have permissive powers which allow us to carry out works to manage flood risk from surface water and groundwater.

Flood Alerts

Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency have worked closely with flood-affected communities to support the development of local community action groups.