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Financial Inclusion Partnership

Birmingham City Council has launched a Fair Money Manifesto, detailing how Birmingham will tackle the problem of high-cost lenders.
Find out more, or read the manifesto itself here.

The Money Advice Service Health Check website link

Online Financial Health Check is simple to use, takes only 5 or 6 minutes to complete and provides a personalised action plan for residents, best of all users are not required to provide personal information so there is no number crunching.

Many people, particularly those living on low income, cannot access mainstream financial products such as bank accounts and low cost loans. They are more likely to use the alternative credit market and pay higher levels of interest, leading to financial and social exclusion and poverty.

The West Midlands is one of the areas across the country with significant numbers of people who do not have access to mainstream financial advice, affordable credit or banking.

In order to tackle these problems Birmingham City Council established a Financial Inclusion Partnership to tackle the problem of financial exclusion by working in partnership with key organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau, Consumer Credit Counselling Service, Job Centre Plus, Credit Unions, Housing Associations, Banks and Utilities. The Financial Inclusion Partnership has developed a Financial Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan which outline our proposals to deliver financial inclusion in the City. The Financial Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan documents can be found below.

The organisations within the partnership are working to encourage more people to use the range of services that are available across the City. Please use the headings above to navigate to each strand and associated web links, which may help and assist you.

The Partnership hopes that you find the information beneficial to you. If you have any comments or wish to request further information, please e-mail financialinclusionpartnership@birmingham.gov.uk or fill in the feedback form accessible from the menu.

Jacqui Kennedy
Financial Inclusion Lead Officer
Birmingham City Council

Other Useful Information

Visit the Partnership's Money and Young People webpage for information on money, links to websites and interactive learning games.