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Dr. Mashuq Ally, Assistant Director Equalities and HR

The mainstreaming of the council's equality, diversity and community cohesion priorities are the main drivers for the work undertaken by the Social Cohesion and Equality division. The division's key priorities have specific linkages to the Council Business Plan and the Community Strategy. This involves the following elements:

  • Equality and diversity staff supporting service areas and managers in delivering equality and community cohesion outcomes;
  • Providing assurance that equality and community cohesion is incorporated into strategic plans;
  • Giving advice, information and guidance on equality, diversity and community cohesion in planning, policy, service delivery and review processes.

Our service plan sets the tone for the delivery of community cohesion and the equality and diversity function within an evolving environment where business transformation and change management will be at the heart of our thinking and arrangements.

Monitoring the impact of community cohesion outcomes across the organisation will have a profound impact on our overall ability to influence and affect change at the corporate and strategic level.

There are four critical factors to effect this change: commitment, involving employees and users, mainstreaming equality and diversity, and monitoring performance data.

Mashuq Ally
Assistant Director, Equalities and Human Resources

The Equality and Diversity priorities include:

  • Improving the Performance Management arrangements around equality, diversity and community cohesion;
  • Reviewing compliance with the Equality Framework for Local Government;
  • Further developing our approach to Community Cohesion;
  • Communicating the mainstreaming agenda to staff and service users;
  • Co-ordination of the council's Community Cohesion Strategy
  • Co-ordination of the council's response to the government's Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) strategy
  • Co-ordination of the council's submission to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index;
  • Promotion of equality and diversity legislation and its implication;
  • Co-ordination and implementation of the Equality Assessments toolkit and the reporting cycle;
  • Promote compliance of the Single Equality Duty