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Educational Psychology Service

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The Educational Psychology Service is the principal provider of psychological consultancy to Birmingham schools and Birmingham children.

The service applies psychology through consultation with pre-school and school staff, carers, local government officers, governors and other agencies to help them in meeting the educational needs of young people.

The age group covered is 0 - 16 years (to 19 years if still at school). A key role is the identification and assessment of children with special needs.

Purpose of the Educational Psychology Service
Using professional knowledge of psychology in education:

  • To work in partnership with the local authority, schools and carers and other agencies to raise achievement, to promote inclusion, to prevent failure and to increase access to learning.
  • To provide the Children Young People and Families Directorate with advice to help it meet its statutory responsibilities for children with special educational needs.
  • To co-ordinate multi-agency work through pre-school liaison groups and to advise the directorate on the initiation of statutory assessments for pre-school children.
  • To support the City's policy on inclusion.

Educational Psychology Courses

Educational Psychology is proud to be launching an annual programme of psychology courses for educational professionals.

Topics that feature include:

  • Attachment Theory;
  • Bereavement; and
  • Loss and Accelerated Reading Development.

For the full range of our courses please look at our the Educational Psychology Course Guide 2012 - 2013 that is provided below. To reserve a place on one of our courses please use the booking form with reference to our full terms and conditions.