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Latest News - Croatia joins the EU

Croatia has now joined the EU, and therefore citizens of Birmingham who hold a Croatian passport are now eligible to be included on the Register of Electors in Birmingham.

We have moved!

The Elections Office is no longer based at 150 Great Charles Street, but has now moved to The Council House. Our contact numbers and email addresses are the same, but the place to come and view the register or send any correspondence to will change. The new address is:

Council House
Victoria Square
B1 1BB

How to Register

If you are eligible to vote, then you can register at any time during the year. The register is only updated once a month, and there are strict deadlines about when you need to return your form to us in order to be added to the register at a particular time.

Further details of who is eligible to register to vote, when these deadlines are, and to obtain a voter registration form, can be found on our Register to Vote page.

How to Vote

If you are on the Register of Electors you will receive a poll card a few weeks before the elections. This will tell you how, where and when to vote. This card is for information only. Please let us know if you lose or forget your poll card; you can still vote without the poll card, but it is easier if you have it with you.

If you know you will not be able to get to the polling station on election day, you can apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote.

There are various different types of elections covering all levels of government, they are:
  • Parliamentary General Elections
  • European Parliamentary Elections
  • Referendums
  • Local Elections
  • Parish Councils
  • By Elections

The Next Election in Birmingham

European Parliamentary Election will be held on Thursday 22 May, with the count taking place on Sunday 25 May.

Local Elections will be held on the same date, with the count taking place at the close of poll.

Notice of Elections

More information will be made available if an election is called earlier - for example if there is a by election in a particular ward.

The Last Election in Birmingham

Kingstanding Ward By Election on Thursday 13 February 2014.

Thursday 15 November 2012 - to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands Police Authority Area.

You can find further information, including any published notices on our PCC Election page.
Details of the candidates who stood in the West Midlands Police Area, and their election statements can be found on the following website -
There is also a dedicated website maintained by the West Midlands Police Authority which will give you more information about the election and the candidates. You can find it by following this link.

You can find details of previouselection results here.

How to contact the Elections Office:

By E-Mail:-


The Elections Office
Council House
Victoria Square
B1 1BB

Phone:- 0121 303 2731
Fax:- 0121 212 1065

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