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Environmental Health - Fees and Charges

From 1 April 2015

Pest Control

Treatment/service Cost
Rats in occupied domestic premises and associated gardens

Free Service

Mice Treatments £85 (plus VAT and materials) for the first visit followed by £55 (plus VAT and materials) for subsequent visits. Alternatively free mouse poison is available from your local Customer Services Centre.

Standard flat rate charge £50 (inc. VAT) for treatment.
Where there are two or more nests requiring multiple treatment the charge is £60. Revisits are free within one month of treatment

Fleas domestic property [includes 3 treatments approximately one week apart] £130.00 plus VAT and materials

Bed bugs

£105.00 inc. VAT and materials Additional time required on site is charged at £27.50 per 30 minutes
Cockroaches £75.00 for the first hour then £42.00 per half hour thereafter [plus materials and VAT].

Ants domestic property [one visit, demonstration of how to treat and sale of bait stations - service excludes pharaoh ants see below]

£90.00 plus VAT and materials
Pharaoh ants £85.00 plus VAT and materials
Pest proofing of domestic property £85.00 plus VAT and materials
Squirrels - domestic property £150.00 to include up to four visits inc VAT.

Commercial work - rodent/insect control and clearance of premises.

£55.00 for first hour. £27.50 per half hour thereafter. [Plus materials plus VAT]

Overtime rates will be charged for work undertaken outside normal working hours.

Any material removed from premises will incur tipping/disposal charges at the prevailing rate (per tonne, plus VAT)

Environmental Enquiry Service Reports

Report Cost
Home buyers report £68.00
Professional search report £100.00

Fixed Penalty Notices

Fixed Penalty Notice Charge

A fixed penalty notice (FPN) may be issued for a variety of environmental offences including:

Littering, Dog Fouling [and other offences under Dog Control Orders]

Please note that we prosecute in all cases of non payment of FPNs. Fines incurred by the courts are invariably much higher than the FPN and in every case we take to court we always seek to recover the City Council's costs in respect of taking that prosecution.

£80 (there is no longer a discount for early payment].

Consents for the distribution of Free Literature {flyers} in designated areas

Consent Cost
Annual consent fee per distributor £260

Animal Welfare Licences

Licence Cost - Grant Cost - Renewal
Animal Boarding Establishments £170 £136

Animal Boarding Establishments (Home Dog Boarding)

£130 £102
Dangerous Wild Animals £205 plus vet fees £190
Dog Breeding Establishments £135 plus vet fees £120
Performing Animals £135 Not Applicable
Pet Shops £135 £120
Riding Establishments £205 plus vet fees £180 plus vet fees
Zoos £2,670 - 4 year £2,670 - 6 year


Certificate/Licence etc Cost
Food premises registration FREE
Food premises approval FREE
Issue of condemnation/surrender note

£95.00 per hour - minimum charge one hour.

Export certificate

Where inspection required - actual cost of inspection subject to a minimum charge of £126.00 plus admin costs at 10%. Inspections that are longer than one hour will be charged at a rate of £68.00 per hour or part of an hour there afterwards.

Where no inspection required a minimum charge of £90.00 will be made.

Health and Safety

Statement Cost
Incident investigation factual statement £136.00 minimum charge [2 hours] plus hourly charge of £68.00 per hour or part hour thereafter.

Scrap Metal Dealer/Motor Salvage Operator Licence

Licence Cost
Site Licence [first issue or renewal] valid 3 years from date of issue.


Two Sites £2,258.00
Three Sites £3,281.00
Scrap Metal Dealer - Mobile Collectors Licence [first issue or renewal] valid 3 years from date of issue £298.00
Replacement Licence [where original lost or stolen] valid for remaining duration of original licence issued £30.00
Refund policy in respect of withdrawn applications [Note -there is no refund for applications which are refused]. 50%
In respect of varying a Licence eg. from site licence to collector's licence or to notify of a new site manager/partner or for minor amendment please contact Scrap Metal Licensing

Loudspeakers in the Street

Consent Cost
Consent to allow use of loudspeaker in the street FREE