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Dyslexia information

All libraries in Birmingham can now give help and support to people with dyslexia.

Every library including the Mobile Library and Library Services at Home, has information sheets for people with dyslexia. These are FREE and you can choose which colour paper you want.

You will find books and information for parents and young children who need help with dyslexia.

New ! You can read this online now at Spotlight on resources in libraries for children with dyslexia.

Some staff in every library have had special training to help you and Supernova software will make it easier to use the computers.

In the Central Library you will find Dyslexia Information in Central Lending Library and Centre for the Child and there is more detailed coverage in Social Sciences Library on Floor 4.

Reading Lists
Dyslexia booklist for young people

Dyslexia booklist for Adults


Dyslexia organisations and helplines

Web sites

Birmingham Adult Dyslexia Group

Dyslexia Association of Birmingham This organisation has a helpline at 0121 643 3737.

British Dyslexia Association

Dyslexia Action

I am

Birmingham Libraries Dyslexia Standard