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Dropped Kerbs

Dropped kerbs allow vehicles to access a driveway across a pavement or footway.
Birmingham City Council must approve all dropped kerb applications. This process can take up to 12 weeks and will incur a charge.

To apply to have a dropped kerb in front of your home, please read the information below then follow the link to the online application form at the bottom of this page. You will then be asked to call our cashiers team to pay the non-refundable inspection fee before the application form can be completed.

More information

What is a dropped kerb?

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Can I carry out the work myself?

On what grounds might my application be refused?

When do I need planning permission?

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Detailed requirements for dropped kerbs

Apply for a dropped kerb

You can apply for a dropped kerb online by completing our online application form. Before you can complete the form however you will need to have a two-part payment reference number, given to you when you have paid the non-refundable initial inspection fee.

To find out how to pay the inspection fee and to complete the online form please follow the link below: