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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Flooding and Drainage on Pavements and Roads


If you have discovered a blocked drain or localised flooding on the road or pavement please let us know so that we can deal with the problem.

Highways drains are situated at the edge of the road and take storm water off the surface of the highway. Blocked drains and heavy rain can cause flooding on roads or pavements, which may create hazards for road users and pedestrians.

Do not use this form if you wish to report large scale flooding or blocked household drains.

Reports of large scale flooding should be referred to:-

The Environment Agency Floodline on 0845 988 1188 (24 hours)

Please ensure you do not put yourself or anyone else in danger when obtaining details about this fault.

Essential Information
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Frequently Asked Questions
    • Each street light, traffic light, or traffic sign should have a number on its column. This may be painted on, or on a sticker, and will be on the side of the lamp column facing the road. If you can tell us this number it will help us to resolve your request more quickly.

    • How quickly this report is dealt with depends on how urgent the problem is.

      We will inspect anything you report within a maximum of 5 working days.

      Dangerous faults or situations will be made safe within 24 hours of the report.

      All other defects will be scheduled for attention or repair within planned programmes, for Street lighting faults usually within 12 business days (95% of the time) and for Street Names Plates with 28 business days from the report.

    • If you haven't been able to find the information that you need then the link below will take you to a form that you can use to ask us further questions.

      Service Specific Enquiry