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Disability Employment - Promoting Ability

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Disability Employment work with people who have mental health problems, learning difficulties or physical or sensory disabilities to support them into quality employment and training.

It is made up of a number of projects and teams, located across the city, working in different areas of employment and training, but all working towards creating routes into worthwhile employment and suitable for people with a disability.

Support to people with disabilities includes:

Job searching - monitoring job centre vacancies, the local press and by working directly with employers to develop opportunities

Competing for jobs - helping people to compete better for jobs and access to growth sector jobs within the major developments in the city

Gaining jobs - helping people to secure jobs by offering employers a range of support services

Support within the workplace - help and support is provided to workers at their place of work.

To find out more about how we can be of service to you, feel free to fill in the form at the bottom.

Work Choice Programme

Work Choice provides support to you and your employer which is tailored to meet your individual requirements and wherever possible provides you with the opportunity to progress into unsupported employment. It offers a variety of different job opportunities with a wide range of organisations from small high street shops to national companies. Some employees are also employed in supported factories and businesses.

Our experienced Employment Development Officers are based locally and can offer you:

  • Free one to one confidential advice, guidance and mentoring
  • Access to Work Experience
  • Assistance with CV preparation, Job searching and completing application forms
  • Support at interviews
  • Support in employment, including job coaching

Just fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

To find out more please telephone 0121 303 4042 or email DisabilityEmployment@birmingham.gov.uk

Shelforce is a supported factory providing employment opportunities to people with severe disabilities. View more information about Shelforce.

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Last Updated : 4th November 2013