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Planning Policies

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Planning policies are prepared in order to manage and promote appropriate changes in land use, regeneration, transportation, housing and employment opportunities, and to improve the environment throughout the city. The policies are then used to provide the context for deciding planning applications.

Find out about new draft planning policies that are being prepared and get involved in current consultations to help shape the environment where you live or work, including information about the new Neighbourhood Planning process.

There are also a number of approved planning policies. Some are area based whilst others are subject based and apply across the city.

The main planning policies and proposals for Birmingham are shown on the interactive Proposals Map. This enables you to access the relevant text of the policy or proposal by clicking on the policy descriptions or proposal numbers shown on the map.

A number of older policy documents have been revoked but are included for historic purposes here

Please note the Unitary Development Plan will be largely replaced by the Birmingham Development Plan when it is adopted.

Quick links to our Key Planning Documents

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Big City Plan

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Local Development Framework

Approved Planning Policies

Draft Planning Policies

National Planning Policies and Guidance

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