Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Corporate Strategy Team

The Corporate Strategy Team plays an essential part in developing a Council that works together for a fair, prosperous and democratic Birmingham, playing a lead role in the development and delivery of the Leader’s Policy Statement (LPS) and Council Business Plan.

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The team supports the Executive, ensuring that their priorities are effectively driven through the council. The team works to position Birmingham to benefit from national and international initiatives and funding opportunities and to identify and address challenges at an early stage.

CST joins up the leadership infrastructure, supporting senior officers and leading Members, making sure that decisions are implemented efficiently and effective. CST provides public and media relations services and central government relationship management

The Strategic Research Team provides strategic and operational problem solving combining expertise in data analytics and human testimony. The team like to put the experience of the customer at the heart of their work working with all parts of the council to challenge convention and help deliver services based on sound evidence.

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The Strategic Leadership Team directly supports the Chief Executive and the Deputy Chief Executive. The team also supports the Leader of the Council, the Deputy Leader of the Council and their Cabinet Member colleagues. This support includes: ensuring delivery of key initiatives and policy priorities, reputation management, and all aspects of administrative support.

Strategic Development works horizontally across all the vertical functions of the Corporate Strategy Team. It also supports the strategic development of the council and how it leads the city and its region. This Includes:

  • Major strategic developments - providing strategic capacity for the priorities of the day such as 'metro' devolution.
  • Working with central government and its agencies - currently on UK 'system of cities'.
  • A new dedicated Institute for Birmingham - mobilising R&D in the city leveraging 22 academic centres, 35 research themes, 32 projects.
  • Strategic Partnership - working collaboratively with six major UK universities on cities and the private and third sectors.
  • Securing external funding - joint bidding through UK Research Councils and EU, including securing projects worth circa £8m.
  • Strategy mapping and 'modelling' the city - winning the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, publishing in academic journals and building the evidence base.

The Business and Commercial Development Team manages an extensive portfolio of City Council advertising assets used to promote events, entertainment and festivals happening throughout the City. This portfolio includes media such as bridge banners, boundary signs, flags and street furniture signs.

As well as promoting the City, the team works in partnership with the private sector to maximise resources and generate income opportunities. This is achieved through identifying prime sites owned by the City Council and inviting tenders to develop advertising media, delivered through profit sharing agreements.

The Strategic Policy Team helps the leadership of the City Council to develop and deliver a clear vision for the future of the City and the role and functions of the City Council in that future.

The European and International Affairs (EIA) team leads for Birmingham City Council (BCC) on:

• European funding

• European policy

• International affairs

A European and International Strategy for Birmingham 2013-2016 has been developed to set out the direction for European and international engagement.

Four area focussed associations have been established to help us deliver our strategy comprising: Europe; North/South America; Commonwealth; and China. For further details about the associations, please visit www.distinctlybirmingham.com.

Corporate Communications - Our primary objective is to help bring the Council’s brand, values and vision to life. And each campaign we create reflects the need to focus limited resources on those areas that inform people about the longer term transformation of public services and by encouraging less reliance on these services.

Press Office is responsible for proactively managing the authority's relationship with the media, providing news and information on the council's services and offering professional advice and support on all media issues. Available 24 hours a day, seven-days a week, the team deals with thousands of enquiries from regional, national and international media a year, while also providing expert support on major events and emergency situations.

Corporate Publications and Internal Communications Team are responsible for writing and producing a wide range of publications, including the council’s magazine, Forward, and the electronic Birmingham Bulletin. Whilst, our Corporate Design team is an award-winning, in-house, graphic design team, they provide full service solutions to help directorates and service areas deliver and manage their creative needs.

For more details or information on the work of the Corporate Strategy Team, please contact Kevin Hubery 0121 303 4821 or via email to kevin.d.hubery@birmingham.gov.uk.