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Council Tax Support

The Council Tax support scheme will provide 100% protection to the following claimant or their partner who:

  • is a pensioner
  • is entitled to a disability premium or disabled child premium
  • is entitled to Employment Support Allowance and who also receives a qualifying disability related benefit
  • receives a carers premium
  • receives a war disablement pension, war widows pension or war widower’s pension
  • has a dependant child under 6

Claimants of working age (other than those listed above) will now have to make a contribution themselves towards their Council Tax bill.

As council tax support will be calculated as a means tested discount, the amount each household will have to pay towards their Council Tax will be dependent on their individual circumstances. Please see below for more information.

How to make a claim for Council Tax Support

To make a new claim for council tax support complete the online form. It is important to read the information and details required on the page before you start to apply. Report any changes to your circumstances straight away.

Council Tax Support Notifications

If you are currently in receipt of Council Tax support, please note you will stop receiving notifications from December 2014.

Details of the amount and the period of your award to Council Tax Support are shown on the front of your Council Tax bill.

To assist you in understanding your bill we have provided additional information to help explain what each section means.

You still have a duty to report change of circumstances affecting your entitlement, how you do this and your appeal rights is contained on the explanatory note on the back of your bill.

How to make an appeal

If you do not fully understand how we have made a decision on your council tax support claim you can write to us and ask for a more detailed explanation. This must be done within one month of the date on your decision letter.

You can challenge any decision we make on your council tax support claim at anytime if you think that the entitlement or the amount of council tax support awarded to you is wrong. You would need to complete the challenge form below.

attached document CTS (Council Tax Support) Challenge Form

If you still disagree with our decision, or you have not received a response within two months of your challenge, you can appeal to an independent body called the Valuation Tribunal.

You may not agree with the Council Tax Support Scheme that Birmingham city council has set up but please be aware that you can only appeal to the Valuation Tribunal against a decision regarding council tax support and not against the scheme itself.

Read the Council Tax Support scheme appeals information below, for further information.

attached document Council Tax Support Appeals

Further Information on the Council Tax Support Scheme

attached document Council Tax Support Information Sheet

attached document Council Tax Support scheme

attached document CTR Scheme Regulations

Deductions for adults in the household

Council Tax Support entitlement may change if you have other adults (apart from your partner) living with you.

Deductions can be made from the amount of benefit you get if you share your home with any adults who are not dependant on you – for example, adult children, relatives or friends. These deductions are made because it is assumed that these people should pay something towards your Council Tax, whether they actually do so or not. If you are in this position you may already be aware that these are called non dependant deductions.

The amount deducted from your Council Tax Support entitlement is based on the weekly gross income of the non dependant.

The deductions for 2014/15 are as follows:

Income Group of Non- Dependant CTS
Persons in receipt of Income Support, JSA (IB), ESA (IR) Assessment or Pension Credit NIL
Aged 18 and in remunerative work with a weekly gross income of:
up to £188.00 £3.70
£188.00 to £325.99 £7.45
£326.00 to £405.99 £9.40
over £406.00 £11.25

If you are experiencing extreme financial difficulty see our page on the Council Tax Support Discretionary Hardship Payment scheme, you may be able to get temporary help in certain circumstances.