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The Council Business Plan

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What is the Council Business Plan

The council publishes its annual vision and intent in the Business Plan and Budget, based on the Leader’s Policy Statement which comes out in June each financial year. It’s an important document containing the key priorities and how we are going to deliver them.

Our priorities are to create a fair, prosperous and democratic city, and we are committed to protecting vulnerable citizens and maintaining essential services.

Birmingham faces a future where working together has never been so important. Some services may have to be scaled down or cease altogether as the reductions in government grants continue.

This future involves doing things differently to make the most of the resources we have. Birmingham City Council’s Business Plan and Budget outlines a vision where we create:

A Fair City

People living in Birmingham are safe, healthy and not living in poverty. Vulnerable people feel looked after and we are opening up opportunities to the most excluded.

A Prosperous City

Businesses will be growing and new ones starting up. People will have the qualifications they need for work and our young people will have the skills to build successful careers. Birmingham will be more environmentally sustainable. Unemployment will be low and no single area will blighted. We will make Birmingham the ‘Enterprise Capital of Britain’ and provide growth and jobs for all.

A Democratic City

People will be involved in their local community and will have more influence on decision-making. We will rebuild engagement in local democracy by putting local people and communities at the heart of everything we do.

A New Structure

The scale of the cuts means we have had to completely rethink the role and structure of Birmingham City Council. We are streamlining and further integrating the way we work with three new directorates.

These are Economy, People and Place:

Economy: helping to bring jobs to Birmingham and helping local people access them

People: supporting people and families, young people, education, domestic violence, substance misuse and troubled families, helping disabled people and those with mental health or learning disabilities, public health and older people

Place: delivering localisation and clean, green and safe neighbourhoods.
Read the Place Directorate Businesss Plan.

Our Approach

Working with others – seeking new providers for services, creating new community and third sector organisations, shifting provision to other sectors and developing new partnerships

Working differently – reducing the need for services by focusing on prevention, building resilience and helping each other. We may need to stop some services altogether, where appropriate encouraging community groups or charities to get involved.

The business plan sets out a framework for the future of the city council and how it could work with others.

Below are links to Birmingham's Council Plans. If you have any questions or would like any more information about the Council Plan please email us at: councilplan@birmingham.gov.uk or write to us at Financial Strategy, 10 Woodcock Street, Aston, Birmingham B7 4BL.

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