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Birmingham Development Plan

Birmingham Development Plan

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Holding Direction on the Birmingham Development Plan

On Thursday 26th May 2016 the Secretary of State issued a direction under section 21A of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (inserted by section 145(5) of the Housing and Planning Act 2016) to Birmingham City Council not to take any step in connection with the adoption of the Birmingham Development Plan 2031.

The direction will remain in force until it is withdrawn by the Secretary of State or the Secretary of State gives a direction under section 21 of the 2004 Act in relation to the Birmingham Development Plan 2031.
The Secretary of State’s direction letter is below.

The Birmingham Development Plan

The Birmingham Development Plan (BDP) will set out the statutory framework to guide decisions on development and regeneration in Birmingham up to 2031. It will set out how and where new homes, jobs, services and infrastructure will be delivered and the type of places and environments that will be created. The Plan will cover the whole administrative area of the city.

The Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination on July 1st 2014. See submitted Plan and associated documents.

Publication of the Inspector’s Report into the Birmingham Development Plan

The Planning Inspectorate has issued the City Council with the Birmingham Development Plan (BDP) examination Inspector’s final report and main modifications. The report concludes that, subject to the modifications being made, the plan is sound. It satisfies the requirements of Section 20(5) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase 2005 Act and it provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the city.

The Inspector’s report and modifications are below

The Modifications should be read in conjunction with the submitted Plan.

Examination of the Birmingham Development Plan

The Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination on July 1st 2014. Details of the examination can be found here.

The examination hearings took place in October and November 2014 and the inspector published interim findings in January 2015.

The Inspector issued his schedule of Proposed Main Modifications, which he considered were necessary for the plan to be ‘sound’ in July 2015. These were subject to public consultation between the 17th August 2015 and the 12th October 2015.

Previous Consultation

There have been a number of previous rounds of consultation on the Plan and a number of documents have contributed to the preparation of the Plan.

These are available, along with all the submission documents, in a detailed evidence base.

Next Steps

It is intended that the Birmingham Development Plan is adopted by full Council in July 2016. Once adopted it will replace the majority of the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) for Birmingham 2005

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