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Contaminated Land

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The Contaminated Land Team is part of the City Council's Regulatory Services Division and was formed in 2000 to implement the Council's duties under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, details of which can be found in the Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy.

The main functions of the team are to:

(1) Inspect all the land in the city to identify any contaminated land and take appropriate action to ensure risks or pollution of controlled waters are controlled.

(2) Provide guidance to the Department of Planning in respect of development on brownfield land and liaise with developers as necessary. Information for Developers of Contaminated Land

(3) Operate an Environmental Enquiry Service to provide environmental information to the public, solicitors and environmental contractors. The service provides environmental information such as closed landfill sites, authorised processes, waste management sites and any assessments carried out by the team.

(4)The Contaminated Land Team also maintains a Public Register of Contaminated Land.

We are currently undertaking an assessment of the city to identify the presence of contaminated land. This work is being undertaken to comply with legislation introduced in April 2000 and will take many years to complete. The assessment will include desk studies using historical data to identify potentially contaminated land. Any suspect land identified will later be assessed using intrusive and non-intrusive site investigation methods. If land is identified which poses a risk of significant harm or the pollution of controlled waters the team may instigate appropriate enforcement action to deal with the problem.

The Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy is in the early stage of implementation, but already information has been gathered on potentially contaminative land uses. Some of this information is made available through the Environmental Enquiry Service.

It is increasingly common for brownfield land (land that has been previously used for something else - excluding agricultural uses) to be redeveloped. The team are consulted on planning application for development and the team provide advice to the Department of Planning at the reapplication, planning and post development stage.

Contact the Contaminated Land Team at :-

Contaminated Land Team,
Environmental Protection Unit,
Regulatory Services,
581 Tyburn Road,
B24 9RX

Tel: 0121 303 9956 (we can only deal with requests relating to contaminated land on this telephone number. If you need to contact us about any other Environmental Health or Pest Control issue please call 0121 303 6007)
Fax: 0121 303 9901
Email: contaminatedland@birmingham.gov.uk

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