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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Your Views - comments, complaints or compliments


We would like you to tell us what you think of our services. It’s always good for us to hear when things go right but it’s also important to hear if we get things wrong.

You can give us your comments, complaints or compliments using the button above.(Please note that this form will time out after 20 minutes, if you have not progressed to the next stage in the form).


For the following services you can click on the links to make a report

Missed Household, Recycling and Chargeable Green Recycling Collections

Spilled Refuse

Dumped Rubbish

Abandoned Vehicles

Anti Social Behaviour

Faulty Street Lights

Pavement and/or Road Surface Problems

Tree problems

Concerned about Wrongdoing or Whistleblowing?


Take a look at our Do It Online page where you will find a comprehensive list of all our online services.

If you are unhappy with the way we have delivered a service and wish to make a formal complaint please click on the Give Us Your Views button above.

Essential Information
  • We are always looking for ways to improve our services and you may have ideas how we can do this. A comment is a suggestion, idea or observation about an area of our service.

    If we receive a comment we will:

    • acknowledge it
    • consider how we can use your comment to improve the way we deliver our services in the future
    • respond to your comment within 20 working days telling what action we have taken as a result of your comment and explain if any service changes have resulted from your comment
  • What is a complaint?

    A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction. It can be about the standard of a service we have provided, or actions we have, or have not taken, which affect someone using our services.

  • We know we don’t always get things right. When this happens we want to have the chance to put things right. We are committed to finding ways of improving the services we provide. This does not mean that we can always change a decision, even if you disagree with it, as we have to work within the law.

    When you make a complaint we will:

    • acknowledge it and give you a reference number for that complaint
    • treat you with respect
    • investigate it fully
    • send a full response or an update out within 15 working days, using the method of your choice

  • If you are unhappy with our decision you can ask us to review it. You need to explain why you feel our decision is incorrect. Your complaint will then be looked at by an independent officer.

    If you are still unhappy after your complaint has been reviewed we will tell you what you can do next. At this stage you may wish to contact the Local Government Ombudsman who will expect you to have exhausted the complaints procedure.

  • Some services have an appeal procedure. You will need to check the specific guidelines for the services below:

    There are also some things which this complaints procedure may not be used for. The following are the main exceptions.

    • Organisations that receive funding from Birmingham City Council cannot complain about their funding or associated matters. The procedure they should use will be given in contract documents or agreements
    • Employees cannot use this procedure to complain about terms and conditions of payment. They should follow the grievance procedure
    • Councillors should not use this procedure unless they are complaining as a private citizen, or acting in the role of advocate, representing the interests of someone else
  • If we do something well, we would like to know. So if you would like to praise an individual, team or service, please tell us. When you make a compliment we will:

    • acknowledge it
    • consider how we can use the compliment to improve the way we deliver our services in the future
    • If appropriate, we will respond to you within 20 days to tell you the action we have taken

Frequently Asked Questions
    • If you are a service user, carer or representative acting on the user’s behalf or if you feel you have a right to a service from the Children,Young People and Families Directorate regarding social care, residential care, care leavers, adoption, fostering or safeguarding services; your complaint will be dealt with through the statutory complaints process.

      You can let us know what you think about these services, or find further information about this process, visiting our Children’s Comments, Compliments and Complaints page.

    • Your views and experiences of Adults and Communities are important to us, because we want to give you the best services we can. By listening to you, we can find out how well we are doing and learn how to continue to improve the services we provide.

      Talk to us about adult social care

      If you are a service user, a carer or someone who's planning to use our services, we want to make it easier for you to talk to us about adult social care. For more information about what you can do to take part in improving existing adult social care services and developing new ones, please see our Talk to us page.

      Comments, compliments and complaints

      You can contact us at any time if, for example,

      • you have ideas for improving our services
      • you want to thank someone for doing a good job
      • something has gone wrong when we have been working with you.

      To make a comment, compliment or complaint about our services, please see our Comments, compliments and complaints page.

    • The person who applied has a right of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate if:

      • No decision has been reached on the application within the statutory eight-week period
      • The application is refused
      • The applicant does not agree with one or more of the conditions on an approval

      Appeals are usually time consuming and, depending on which method of appeal you choose, can be expensive. So before you opt for this course of action, it’s worth speaking to the Planning Officer who dealt with your application. You can see if there’s scope to negotiate a compromise and submit an amended application.

      You have a maximum of six months to appeal.

      Details of the appeal procedures can be found accompanying the decision notice, or by visiting the Planning Portal or the Planning Inspectorate websites.

      An appeal can be dealt with in one of three ways:

      • Written Representations: This is the quickest method. The person appealing and the council prepare written statements for the Planning Inspectorate’s consideration. A Planning Inspector will visit the site and then issue a decision.
      • Informal Hearing: With both parties’ agreement and provided the planning issues are straightforward, the Planning Inspector may call an informal hearing. This is a discussion of the issues involved between the parties led by the Planning Inspector.
      • Public Inquiry: Each side presents its case verbally before an inspector. The witnesses for each side can be cross-examined by the opposing parties. This is usually a more lengthy and expensive procedure as it normally involves professional representation and complex arguments.

      The Inspector's decision is final and you have no further right of appeal except to the High Court on a point of law. There is no third party right of appeal other than on a point of law, although third parties can be involved in the appeal process and are asked for their comments.

      Appeal forms are available from the Planning Inspectorate and you can make, track and search for certain kinds of appeals Online.

    • If you are unhappy with the school offered to your child, you can have your case heard by an independent appeals panel who will consider your individual circumstances.

      Parents and carers can only appeal for schools that they have submitted as a preference.

      How to appeal

      You can appeal to Admissions and Appeals about places at community schools and Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls.

      For appeals about places at the King Edward VI Grammar Schools:

      The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham
      Foundation Office
      Edgbaston Park Road
      B15 2UD

      If you’re appealing about places at voluntary-aided and foundation schools, please write to the Chair of Governors at the school. You should contact the schools directly for information on their appeal arrangements.

      Appeals for schools outside Birmingham should be made in accordance with the published admission arrangements of the local authority concerned.

      Deadline for making appeals

      The deadline for receipt of appeals for community schools in Birmingham can be found by following the link below:

      Please make sure that your appeals are submitted by this date. Appeals received afterwards may not be accepted without a reasonable explanation as to why they are late. You can make appeals about any schools that you have submitted as a preference.

      If you’ve appealed unsuccessfully for a particular school, you can’t apply for a place at the same school in the same academic year, unless you can show there has been a significant and material change in your circumstances since the appeal.

      For further information about the appeals process visit our dedicated School Appeals Enquiry page.

    • If you receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) and believe that you’re not liable to pay the charge, you must contact the parking section as soon as possible. You must have a valid reason and give as much information as you can.

      Online: Visit www.birmingham.gov.uk/pcn and fill in our contact form.
      Tel: 0121 675 2000

      The following are examples of reasons that will not be accepted:

      • The parking restrictions were unfair
      • You had gone to get change for the ticket machine
      • Your vehicle was only parked for a short time
      • Your vehicle was not causing an obstruction
      • There was nowhere else to park
      • You have a residents' permit or season ticket, but were not driving the car for which it is valid
      • You ran out of petrol

      We’ll respond to your objection and tell you whether we’ve accepted or rejected it.

      If your objections is accepted you won’t have to pay the penalty charge. If it is rejected and we received your objection within 14 days of the PCN’s issue date, we’ll give you another 14 days to pay the charge at the discounted rate.

    • You need to write to the Travel Pass Section:

      The Travel Passes Office
      Tamebridge House
      Aldridge Road
      Perry Barr
      B42 2TY

      Tel: 0121 303 1234
      Email: SSDBlueBadges@birmingham.gov.uk

      In your letter, please state why you think the decision was wrong. If you are able to send us additional medical evidence supporting your appeal, please include it with your letter.

    • The City Council's Monitoring Officer is the first point of consideration for all written complaints against Elected or Co-opted Members or a Member of New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council. In appropriate cases, the Monitoring Officer may refer complaints to the Standards Committee, in conjunction with the Chairman.

      Make a complaint to the city council's Monitoring Officer
    • If you think any of the information we have used in calculating the amount you’re entitled to is wrong, or you disagree with our decision, you can:

      • Ask for a further written explanation
      • Ask us to look at the decision again
      • Make an appeal

      You can find more information on the Benefit Services page. Or you can visit your local Neighbourhood Office for help.

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