Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Introduction to Birmingham City Laboratories - Independent Consultancy and Test House

Birmingham City Laboratories (BCL) is an entirely Local Authority owned Consultancy and Test House, with roots that were established more than 80 years ago.

BCL is approved to carry out specific United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) tests. Its specialist team of scientists and engineers are also able to undertake a wide range of on-site and laboratory inspection services, ranging from microscopic analysis of samples, through to full scale testing/appraisal of civil engineering structures.

BCL exists to serve the interests of the entire community including the support of local authority services, industry and commerce. BCL offers a relevant service to all our clients by reacting to their needs, staying ahead and being up to date on legislation. We tailor our efforts to fulfil our clients specific requirements.

BCL work has seen continuous growth in activity and has reacted to changes in legislation and commercial demands. We intend to continue doing so across all our existing areas of expertise.

BCL comprises of four operational sections:

Occupational Hygiene
Building Investigations
Food and Environmental Analysis

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Occupational Hygiene provides a full asbestos and occupational hygiene consultative, investigative and monitoring service, which includes asbestos surveys, management programmes, air monitoring as well as investigation and measurement of hazardous dusts, gases and vapours and sick building syndrome investigations.

The Food and Environmental Analysis Section provide an independent analytical and advice service in support of legislation concerning food safety, food labelling, consumer protection, trade descriptions and contaminated land. The section offers a large schedule of chemical analytical tests.

The Building Investigations Section is a testing and consultancy service for Local Authorities, Consulting Engineers, Architects and Building Surveyors. Main areas of work include investigation of structures and components, material defects and failures, concrete condition surveys and physical testing.

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Drug related deaths and occurrences are investigated by the Toxicology Section. We provide an analytical, interpretation and advice service to HM Coroners, Police and the Courts. This involves the analysis of body fluids and tissues for the presence of prescribed drugs, drugs of abuse and other toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, solvents or alcohol.

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