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Council housing transfer

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If you are already a tenant of Birmingham City Council and you would like to apply to move to another council home, then you will need to submit a new Housing Application Form. Anyone who wishes to move will be expected to have kept to the Conditions of Tenancy, for example, you should not have caused antisocial behaviour and either have no rent arrears or be making genuine efforts to clear them.

There are a number of ways that you can transfer:

  • Mutual exchange means that two tenants swap homes. If you can find another tenant willing to exchange homes, then you will both need to have the transfer approved by your respective Housing Offices.
  • Moving to a smaller property may give your transfer application greater priority. Take a look at our Wise Move scheme for more info.
  • If you need a bigger property, because your personal or family situation has changed, you should submit a Housing Application Form.
  • Older people may wish to move into sheltered housing and to do so they should fill in a Housing Application Form.