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Are you a professional who is concerned about a child?

If you are a professional (member of an agency who has involvement with a child) and you suspect or believe that a child is suffering, or is likely to suffer significant harm, you should report your concerns immediately by making a referral to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH). All referrals to MASH should include a Multi-Agency Referral Form.

To help you decide whether to make a referral, you should consult Birmingham's multi-agency threshold document 'Right Service, Right Time', and speak with your agency's safeguarding representative.

Please be aware the Early Help & Brokerage Team can offer support on setting up the Common Assessment Framework (fCAF) or accessing services through your local Team Around the Family (TAF) Panel. They can be contacted on 0121 303 1888.

To have a professional conversation about your concerns, contact MASH via:

Children’s Information and Advice Service

Monday to Thursday 08.45 – 17.15 and Friday 08.45 – 16.15

Telephone: 0121 303 1888

Outside of these hours contact the Emergency Duty Team

Telephone: 0121 675 4806

How to make a referral

You can report an emergency by directly to children's social care by telephoning 0121 303 1888. In the case of an emergency you will still be expected to complete a Multi-Agency Referral Form within 24 hours of making your phone call. If you require support from the Emergency Services you can all 999 for Police or Ambulance.

If there is no immediate danger you will need to complete a Multi-Agency Referral Form as soon as possible, and within a maximum of 24 hours.

Please type up your referral form, save it as a word document and email it to the MASH. Your referral form will be screened, and you will receive an email confirming receipt of your Multi-Agency Referral Form. You do not need to telephone children's social care to inform them of your referral.

Where to email your Multi-Agency Referral Form:

If you have access to secure email: secure.mash@birmingham.gcsx.gov.uk

If you do not have access to secure email: mash@birmingham.gov.uk

*Please only send your completed Multi-Agency Referral Form to one email box*

Further information

You can find out more about the MASH by visiting the Birmingham MASH page on the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board website.

Child protection procedures are available from the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board's website: Child Protection Procedures: Summary of Contents

For information and advice about Child Sexual Exploitation please visit http://www.seeme-hearme.org.uk/