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Partner City of Chicago


Chicago is the third largest city in the United States of America. Situated in the state of Illinois adjoining Lake Michigan it forms a major transport and business hub and gateway to the midwest. Famous for its tall buildings and jazz, Chicago enjoys the status of a world city.

Chicago, known as the windy city (for political, not weather reasons), has a population of 2.9million people. With an international reputation as a centre for the arts, Chicago comprises a mixed population of white, black, Hispanic and Asian citizens.


Governed by a City Council of 50 Alderman (49 of which are Democratic),
Chicagos leading politician is Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Current and future activities include:


  • A joint Associate Degree course between City Colleges
    Birmingham and the Harold Washington College.

  • Teaching and learning activities between schools
    and Education Departments in both cities.

  • Birmingham Symphonic Winds band participating
    in the prestigious 'Midwest Clinic'.

  • Joint ventures between young disabled filmmakers.

  • Co-operation between the Gallery 37`s of each city.

  • An exchange of photographic exhibitions.

  • Participation in young playwright competitions.

  • Professional development of social workers.

  • Public library collaboration.

Did you know that the term "jazz" was coined in Chicago in 1914?

A link to Chicagos website is below.

For more information about our links with Chicago, contact mike.murray@birmingham.gov.uk on +44 (0)121 303 4452.