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Changes to your Tenancy


If you are a council tenant and you want to change the details of your current tenancy, you can use the form above to tell us what you would like to alter.

The form has the following options:

  • Request to create a joint tenancy
  • Request to change (or amend if spelt incorrectly) the tenant’s name
  • Request to take over a tenancy

Further information about these options can be found in the essential service information below.

All requests will be subject to further investigation and verification by the Housing Department. Also, requests will not normally be granted if there are any rent arrears.

Essential Information
  • The sole tenant of a property can request to create a joint tenancy; however this request is subject to our agreement.

    Although anyone can apply for a joint tenancy, the following rules normally apply –

    • The prospective joint tenant must have lived at the property, and be able to prove this, for more than 12 months, unless they are married to or have a civil partnership with the current tenant
    • Cross-generational tenancies (those between a parent and child, for instance) are often refused to protect the rights of the older person
    • The proposed joint tenant must not be under 18, own another property or be a tenant at another address.
  • You can request to change your name on the tenancy. This could be because

    • Your name is spelt incorrectly
    • You have changed your name

    In either case, we will require proof of the new name or spelling before this change will be made. Please attach your proofs online or forward to Homes & Neighbourhoods PO Box 8267 Birmingham.

  • If either joint tenant dies or ends a tenancy, the tenancy will end for both of them. We will decide whether to create a new tenancy for the remaining tenant, or whether to offer them a new property. See also ‘Request to take over a tenancy’ below.

  • You can request to take over a tenancy in three circumstances.

    • Where all of the previous tenants have died any remaining occupant in the property may have the right of succession. Who can succeed to a tenancy is defined in law. There are stringent rules that are applied to this and a detailed investigation will be undertaken by the service.
    • Where all of the previous tenants have moved out. The applicant is known as a lodger in occupation.
    • If you wish to “assign” your tenancy to another person you should seek advice directly from the Homes and Neighbourhoods Directorate.
  • Customers should be prepared to send 2 of the following proofs for each application for a joint tenancy. For further information refer to the providing proofs level 4, the link is in related links below:

    • Bank statement
    • Benefit entitlement letter
    • Tax credit notification letter
    • Current passport
    • Full driving license
    • Marriage/Birth certificate
    • Utility bill
    • Current medical card
    • Deed Poll Certificate
Frequently Asked Questions
    • Potentially you can take over the property however you will have had to have lived at the property for at least 12 months and you will need to complete the change in tenancy details form. Upon receipt of the form a detailed investigation will be undertaken by the housing team who will notify you of their decision. You will be charged for use and occupation of the property during the investigation.

    • Yes, but you will need to provide proof of when the joint tenant has/will vacate the property and wishes to terminate their share of the tenancy.

    • We will investigate, and will make a decision based on the circumstances of each individual case.

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