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Council Tax – Change in Circumstances


Press the Report a Change in Circumstances button above to tell us about any of the following:

  • Change of name
  • Change of address
  • Change of billing address
  • Change in household composition
  • Change in property ownership
  • Experiencing difficulty paying council tax

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name, address and contact details
  • Type of change (see above)
  • In what capacity you are reporting this change (property owner, solicitor)
  • Council tax number
  • Name of council tax payer
  • Billing address

You can also notify us of a death so we can change your council tax payments if necessary

Essential Information
  • If you are moving to a new address within Birmingham or leaving Birmingham, it is important you tell us without delay. Tell us immediately using the button report change in circumstances

    If you are moving from another Birmingham address we will close your old account and send you a bill for anything you still owe. If you have overpaid, we will transfer the credit to your new account. We will send you a new bill with a new account number. It will tell you what your instalments will be and when you need to pay them. If you made your council tax payments using a payment card at your previous address you should stop using this. You will need to contact us to apply for another card as this will be required for your new address.

    If you are unsure whether Birmingham City Council is responsible for collecting council tax at your new address, please check the Valuation Office Agency’s Website. You can then find out the charge for the current financial year through visiting the Council Tax enquiry page.

    When you complete the ‘change in circumstance’ form, it will help if you have the following details to hand:

    o The completion date(s) of any property sold or bought

    o The name of the person who has bought your previous property

    o Your tenancy start and end dates, if renting

    o Your solicitor’s details

    o Your landlord’s or managing agent’s details, if renting.

    Do not notify us of a change of address more than 14 days before you are due to move.

  • If your circumstances have changed since you were awarded a discount or exemption we need to check whether you are still eligible.

    Examples of possible changes include:

    o The number of adults occupying a property has changed;

    o You have become a student and are not included; or

    o A child who was previously not included is now 18 years old.

    Please use the Discounts/Exemptions/Disabled Facilities Form to tell us of the change.

  • If you currently receive council tax benefit and your financial circumstances have changed, the Housing Benefit/Council Tax Benefit change in circumstances page will give you further advice and enable you to report the change.

  • You need to tell us of any changes to your or the members of your households’ circumstances.
    For example:

    • You are still resident but ownership of the property has changed
    • You have bought or sold an unoccupied property;
    • The tenancy of a property has changed;
    • Your name has changed due to marriage or divorce;
    • Your are subject to an attachment of earnings order and your employer has changed;
    • Deductions were being made from a state benefit but you are no longer entitled to claim; or
    • If someone has left the household, leaving only one person aged 18 or over in the property; or
    • If someone has moved in and there is now more than one person aged 18 or over in the household; or
    • You are applying for or are subject to:
      • An administration order;
      • Bankruptcy; or
      • An individual voluntary arrangement; or
      • A debt relief order.

    Please use the Change In Circumstances Form above to tell us of the change or Contact Us if you require any further advice or assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Yes. We cannot use your bank details again without your authorisation and you will also be given a different account number for your new address. A printable direct debit form is available for you at the bottom of this page.

    • You only need to tell us if your bill is reduced by the award of a discount or exemption.

      If your child was under 18 when you made your application, they would not have been included as a resident when we counted the number of adults in your home.

      Although they are now over 18, they may still not be included, depending on their circumstances; for example, students, apprentices and youth trainees.

      Use the Report Changes in Circumstance button at the top of this page.

    • If you think that you are not the person who should have to pay the council tax, you should appeal by writing to us.

      This might be because you are not the resident, tenant or owner, or you disagree with the amount payable,

      We have to make a decision within two months, although you should receive a response sooner than this. If you disagree with our decision, or we have taken longer than two months, you can appeal to a Valuation Tribunal. We will explain this process when we respond to your appeal.

    • Yes, joint owners or joint tenants are jointly liable. Liable parties do not receive a bill each, only one is issued in joint names.

      If you are jointly liable you should ensure that the whole bill is being paid. Even if you have paid your own share of the bill, if other liable people don’t pay, we will still seek to enforce payment from you. Each person who is jointly liable is responsible for paying the whole charge.

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