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Cemeteries and Crematoria Introduction


Eleven Cemeteries and three Crematoria are situated throughout the City and cover an area of approximately 439 acres.

You will find the Cemeteries and Crematoria addresses, telephone numbers and links to pages giving location details and opening times in contact details.

We will try to keep you updated with details on site developments and upcoming events. This information can be viewed on our What's On page.

ww1, world war 1

Do you have any war stories that you would like to share of relative that died in the Great War and are buried in a Birmingham City Council Cemetery?

If so, please let us know by contacting the Cemetery Office or by e-mailing bereavement.services@birmingham.gov.uk

Bereavement Services are collating information relating to all servicemen that fell during the Great war and are buried in the Birmingham City Council Cemeteries. The information collected will form part of an archive for future historical reference. If you have any photographs of your deceased relative that you would like to have included in this archive, please let us know and we may be able to arrange for these to be digitally reproduced.


Advice on arranging a funeral
The staff at the Cemeteries and Crematoria offices are available to help and advise you and to supply you with the necessary forms for completion.

Other information Sources:
Frequently asked Questions
Arranging a Funeral including advice on Independent Funeral Arrangements
What to do after a death in England /Wales Home Office leaflet as a PDF

We would be grateful if you could take the time to complete a
Customer Survey Questionnaire using this link.

We use this information to identify improvements that may be made to our service.

Financial Assistance
If you need help, either financial or other, with a funeral then please refer to
Funeral Arrangements Help or Funeral Expenses Payment.

Buying a Grave
New grave spaces are only available at Kings Norton, Handsworth, Sutton New Hall and Quinton Cemeteries - there are no new grave spaces available at the other cemeteries. If you wish to buy a grave please contact the Bereavement Officer at the appropriate cemetery.

Cremated Remains Graves
Cremated Remains grave spaces are also available at Yardley, Brandwood End, Kings Norton, Quinton, Lodge Hill, Sutton New Hall and Witton Cemetery

You will find details of grave prices on Charges for Services.

You will find information regarding Public Graves in the Rules and Regulations.

There are memorials schemes at the three Crematoria - Lodge Hill, Yardley and Sutton Coldfield. For further information please contact the appropriate crematorium or go to the memorial pages for online information.

You should contact the Bereavement Officer for information regarding the placing of a memorial on a grave. You will need a permit to erect a memorial on a grave. Charge varies depending on the type of memorial. Details of the permit charges associated with memorials on grave can be found in Charges for Services

You will find guidance on Rules and Regulations regarding memorials in cemeteries in points 17-24.

If you are investigating your family tree you can request a Burial or Crematoria Register Search or a copy of the Burial or Crematoria Register entry by applying to the appropriate site office or by submitting an On line Order/Enquiry.
You can also carry out an online Genealogy search of the cremation and burial records which are available in electronic format.

You are advised to contact the cemetery Bereavement Officer. You can find further information on the subject in the Home Office document What to do after a death in England/Wales

Payment Methods

Some of the services incur a charge as detailed in Memorials fees and Charges
and Charges for Services. Any services requested online can be paid for by credit/debit card online.
The cemetery or crematoria offices will accept payment by cheque or credit/debit card. No Cash is taken or stored on any of our sites.

If you receive an invoice from Bereavement Services, you can pay in a number of ways.
Find out more on our How to pay page

Equalities and Diversity
Bereavement Services aim to provide a quality and sensitive service in accordance with the needs and beliefs of the bereaved and visitors to our cemeteries and crematoria in an efficient and dignified manner. Further information about equalities and diversity.

Customer Charter
Read further information on the Bereavement Services Customer Charter or our Local Services Directorate Customer Charter.

You may also wish to read our Testimonials together with our Bereavement Services - " You Said We Did "

Glossary of Terms

Columbarium Unit An above ground unit to hold cremated remains.

Concrete Header Concrete foundation already in place at the time of the burial to accommodate a memorial. Memorials can be erected immediately on a Concrete Header.

Exclusive Right of burial Deed issued at the time of purchase giving the right of burial for a designated number of years. Deeds are now produced for a period of 75 years.

Interment Burial of coffin/casket.

Lawn Type Grave area will be turfed 6 - 12 months following the burial. Only Lawn type memorials are permitted on this type of grave. Details of the regulations regarding memorials can be found in the Rules and Regulations.

Non Resident Person not residing in Birmingham at the time of death. This fee applies to the deceased and not grave owner unless pre-purchased.

Oversize Grave Grave width 5ft to accept coffins that exceed 30" width.

Pre-Purchased Purchasing a grave for a future interment. Exclusive Right of burial is issued. If the purchaser is not a resident of Birmingham a non- resident fee will be charged.

Public Interment Burial in a grave whereby the ownership of the grave remains with Birmingham City Council. No Exclusive Right of Burial is issued. Memorials cannot be erected on these graves.

Scattering Cremated Remains are dispersed evenly from scattering urn over the ground.

Traditional Grave Grave that will accommodate a full traditional memorial with kerbs and sub kerbs. This grave will not be turfed.

Vault A chamber provided for the reception of human remains.

Walled Grave A grave, the sides of which are lined with walls.