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Climate Change Action Plan

The Climate Change Action Plan acts as the co-ordination tool to ensure that the City’s responsibilities are taken forward in a transformed, managed and comprehensive fashion.

The Action Plan will guide Birmingham as a city:

• Providing strategic leadership – through articulating the city’s needs, opportunities and solutions

• Providing strategic influence – through stimulating activity and actions to commit partners to shared strategic objectives

• Securing access and leverage on the finance for delivery of the actions identified in this Plan

• Creating confidence in the city’s prospects for economic growth and improved quality of life

• Achieving alignment and inter-locking of the priorities and investment plans across the City Council and partners.

The City Council and their partners have already undertaken, prepared and delivered a significant number of key projects which demonstrate that Birmingham has the experience to meet the challenging targets set.

The Action Plan sets down the key priority areas along with a set of ‘Early Actions’.

These areas are -

• Birmingham becoming a ‘Low Carbon Transition’ city

• Improving the energy efficiency of the city’s ‘Homes and Buildings’

• Reducing the city’s reliance on unsustainable energy through ‘Low Carbon Energy Generation’

•Reducing the city’s impact on the non-renewable resources through ‘Resource Management’

• Reducing the environmental impact of the city’s mobility needs through ‘Low Carbon Transport’

• Making sure the city is prepared for climate change through ‘Climate Change Adaptation’

• Making sure that this action plan Engages with Birmingham Citizens and Businesses’

Our vision and the Climate Change Action Plan are being delivered through a new Cabinet Committee on Climate Change and Sustainability. This approach will be sustained and enhanced by the City Council working with its partners through BeBirmingham.

Keeping on Track

The Action Plan will be refreshed on an annual basis and a full review will be commissioned in line with the 5 yearly national Carbon Budgets timetable.

October 2010 - First review of Action Plan progress (and quarterly updates thereafter)

June 2011 - First annual review of Action Plan

June 2012 - Second annual review and 1st major update of the Action Plan (in line with the Committee on Climate Change 1st 5 year plan period 2008-12)

June 2017 - 2nd major update of Action Plan (in line with CCC 2nd 5 year plan period 2013-17)