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Careline is a 24 hour emergency contact service run by the council.

We want you to keep your independence for as long as possible, that's why our caring and professional service offers help and reassurance 24 hours a day, on every day of the year.

Careline is managed by the Support Services for Older People Team. The service is available to older people and anyone who feels vulnerable, has a disability or a medical need, and who has a working telephone line in their home.

In an emergency Careline users know that help is only a telephone call away.

The Careline system is a base unit which is attached to your telephone line, and a pendant unit which can be worn around the neck, on a wrist strap, or attached to clothing.

Pressing the pendant unit or a button on the base unit immediately connects you to an operator at the Careline Contact Centre. You will be able to speak to the Careline operator, and you do not have to be near your telephone to do so. The Careline operator will contact the emergency services, and/or one of your 'responders' (people you have told us can help you in an emergency).

Essential Information
  • Download and complete the Careline application form below and return it to the Careline Team Address. You will be contacted by a Careline organiser, within working days, who will guide you through the process.

  • The charge for Careline is £1.78 per week. This includes all installation and maintenance costs. If you live in a sheltered property, there is a charge of £2.20 included in your weekly rent to cover the monitoring of the alarm, the testing of it and the maintenance of the alarm system. Please note all charges and costs are subject to change.

  • If you wish to return a Careline alarm once it is no longer required, you can either:-

    • Leave the equipment in the property and a member of staff from our Vacant Management Team will collect it
    • Return the equipment to any Neighbourhood Office/Customer Service Centre
    • Return it to the nearest Housing Office or your concierge

    Remember that you must inform the Careline service that you wish to end the contract with them. If you do not inform Careline that you wish to end the contract, you will still be charged for the service. You can notify the Careline team you wish to end the contract by ringing them directly on 0121 303 4205.

  • Careline
    PO Box 15839
    B2 2RP
    Tel: 0121 303 4205

Frequently Asked Questions
    • If you do not think your equipment is working you can make a test call, you just need to press your pendant and tell the operator that you are making a test call. We ask you to make a test call every month so that we can make sure your equipment is working. If there are any faults, they will be picked up at the control centre and we will arrange for them to be fixed. If for any reason your test call doesn’t work, you can contact the Careline team on 0121 303 4205.

    • Responders are individuals, such as next of kin or other relatives, nominated by you who we can contact in an emergency. You can nominate up to two responders. Careline staff will notify the emergency services automatically when they receive a contact from your alarm.

    • You can use your equipment to contact the Careline organisers or the Careline Centre who will advise you what to do. Please note, you will be required to return the Careline unit and pendant either to a local housing office, neighbourhood office or concierge. A Careline staff member will provide you with further information on how to do this. You must make sure that you also cancel your contract.

    • If you suspect your Careline unit is faulty, ring the Careline Contact Centre on 0121 303 4205.

    • Don’t worry – just tell the operator that you activated the alarm by mistake and that you are okay.

    • Yes. You can apply if you live in a privately owned property, council owned property, Registered Social Landlord (Housing Association) property or private landlord property.

    • You can make a payment online or by invoice or payment may be included within your rent.

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