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Introduction to Family CAF

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Think child, think parent, think family

The family CAF (fCAF) process is now being implemented across Birmingham as a methodology for assessing the needs of parents and children in the family and a coordinated approach to interventions from adults’ and children’s services to meet identified needs. The fCAF builds on the existing CAF work and adds an extra dimension by looking at the needs of the child and wider family.

The principles of fCAF now draw together Children’s and Adult service providers to provide an integrated support plan addressing family needs.

The assessment paperwork has been revised to reflect this new approach and can be accessed below:

  • fCAF pre-assessment
    Practitioners should complete this to determine if an fCAF should take place.
  • fCAF assessment
    Holistic assessment document to be completed with the family once consent has been obtained from parent(s) or guardian(s) and young person.
    Download the document from eBriefing. eBriefing document no: 3982

  • fCAF section three
    If you have completed the standard Birmingham CAF form for Children and Young People, but now feel that this should be continued as a Family CAF please download Section 3 and append this to the CAF; but remember you will have to revisit the Conclusions Solutions and Actions in Section 4 to include this new information
    Download the document from eBriefing. eBriefing document no: 8540
  • fCAF Consent form
    Consent form listing agencies in the children’s and adults’ workforce.
  • fCAF Integrated Support Plan and Review
    To be used at the initial planning meeting and at every subsequent review to record identified needs, actions needed , progress and future actions.