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Business Permit


Birmingham has several business permit schemes, allowing staff from businesses within the permit area to pre-pay for parking rather than using pay and display services. You will find details of where these are, and how much they cost, in the essential information below.

Business permits are valid for a period of 12 months and are renewable.

You will need to provide some documents to prove that you are entitled to a permit. You can find a list of these in the FAQs below.

To apply for a permit please ring us on 0121 303 7617.

Essential Information
    • The Tudor Road, Sutton Coldfield (Railway Road) and Chamberlain Gardens schemes are £150 per year
    • The Gun Quarter scheme is £290 per year
    • Business visitor permits are £5.50 for a pad of 5 permits

      There are no business visitor permits available for the Chamberlain Gardens and Gun Quarter schemes. Business visitors can use the on-street pay and display bays in the Gun Quarter and Jewellery Quarter. Charges are displayed on the payment machine or on a sign alongside the machine.
  • View Reverse of relevant Application Form in letters and Leaflets tab to see the roads / area covered by the relevant Business Permit Scheme

    • Tudor Road,Sutton Coldfield (Park in Railway Road only) B73
    • Chamberlain Gardens B16 (various roads - see application form) B16
    • Gun Quarter B19 (various roads - see application form) B19
    • Jewellery Quarter – local employees
Frequently Asked Questions
    • We may issue a permit if the V5 document shows that it is registered to the business if the applicant can provide a letter from their employer stating they are the principal driver of the vehicle.
      Applications must be accompanied by a letter on official letter-headed paper, outlining the day-to-day use of the vehicle.

    • Any employee of a business, whose postal address is within the zone indicated on the plan may apply for a business permit to park a passenger vehicle, a goods vehicle that does not exceed 5 tonnes (maximum gross weight) or a solo motorcycle.

    • You will not need a permit for loading or unloading, on single yellow lines, if you are clearly seen to be doing so and are not causing an obstruction. However, loading and unloading is only permitted for a maximum of 20 minutes.

    • You will have to provide the following documents:

      1: Your completed application form and payment (where applicable).

      2: Proof of vehicle ownership - Your vehicle registration document (V5 log book).

      3: Proof of employment in the area - A letter from your employer on letter-headed note paper to prove you are employed in the scheme area.

      It is necessary for original documents to be seen (copies are not accepted).

      Please do not send any documents or payment until you have received an application form and then follow the instructions on the form.

    • You will be sent a renewal reminder letter and an application form about four weeks before your permit runs out. You will then need to provide your supporting documents and payment so that a new permit can be issued.

    • All businesses within the permit scheme area can apply for a permit, provided they can demonstrate that they are a business owner and own a vehicle registered at the same address. Subject to limitations on number of permits per business or per scheme.

    • A permit lasts for up to 12 Months and each permit commences on the first day of each month.

    • Parking tickets purchased from on-street ticket machines can be used to park in other parking bays within the same on-street parking zone, but the tickets are not transferable between zones and are not valid at car parks.

      The parking zone is shown on the notice on the front of the ticket machine.

    • No. Parking tickets are not transferable between car parks unless stated on the car park sign. Parking tickets purchased at car parks are not valid for on-street parking.

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