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Building work: Will I need anything else?

If you want to carry out any building work you may need Planning Permission, Building Regulations Approval or both. If you want to do work to a Listed Building you may need other type of permission and you may need Advertisement Consent if you want to put an advert on a property.

Types of Permissions

Here we give some advice on these types of permissions, but it is your responsibility to find out what permissions you need. If you are in any doubt, please contact us.

Did you know? - Building Regulations Approval is entirely separate from Planning Permission. Getting one does not give you the other.

  • Planning Permission aims to protect and improve the quality of the environment. We check that development is well designed, it is in the right place and that its effect will not harm the general environment or neighbouring properties. You may also need planning permission if you want to demolish something in a conservation area. To make sure this process is fair and consistent, we follow a number of policies and guidelines. These can either be policies for certain types of development, eg our Household Extensions Guide at the bottom of the page, or a local plan for a particular area. If you sell your property in the future, your solicitor is likely to need a copy of the Planning Decision Notice for any extensions you have had.
  • Building Regulations are concerned with the actual construction process of a development and aim to protect the health and safety of people who use the property. They lay down standards for the construction of all types of buildings such as foundations, fire protection and damp proofing. They also ensure that people with disabilities have adequate facilities within public and commercial buildings.

    Not only will the plans for your proposed development be checked to make sure they meet the Regulations, but the work will be inspected while it is being built.

    If everything meets the regulations a Completion Certificate will be issued. This document is important as your solicitors may need it if you sell you property. Find out more information about Building Regulations here.

  • Listed Building Consent aims to protect and enhance buildings of National historic or architectural interest, known as Listed Buildings. It may be required if you propose to do any alterations or demolition (inside or out) that will affect the character of a Listed Building.

  • Advertisement Consent may be required if you intend to put an advert on or around a property.

  • Works to trees may require consent if the tree is covered by a Tree Preservation Order or the tree is within a Conservation Area.

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Last Updated : 28th February 2014