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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

The Budget Consultation 2013

This page is about the budget for 2013 which is now closed. Please see the Budget Views 2014 page for the latest.

Corporate Consultation

Birmingham City Council's main corporate budget consultation has now closed. All comments, plus the findings and feedback from the consultation events, have been passed to members. They have used this information to help them decide how Birmingham's budget should be spent in the next financial year. This budget will be discussed at the full council meeting which is due to take place on Tuesday 26 February.

Please find below the final report from the consultation and the Council Business Plan 2013+ agreed by full council on 26 February 2013.

 PDF (Size: 2.88 Mb Type: pdf )

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Final Report on Consultation

 PDF (Size: 1.03 Mb Type: pdf )

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The original budget proposals and fact sheets are also available below.

Business Plan and Budget 2013+ Consultation

 PDF (Size: 374 Kb Type: pdf )

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Directorate Consultation

Some of the council's departments are carrying out additional consultation with service users on their specific proposals. This part of the consultation is continuing.

Please click for the Development and Culture consultation.

Please click for individual service area fact sheets.

If you have comments that relate specifically to one or more of the Children, Young People and Families Directorate proposals, you can email your views to cypfcomms@birmingham.gov.uk

Your comments and views

All of the comments and views that were received as part of the main consultation have been posted on this website as part of the council's commitment to transparency.

The comments, letters and notes from the public meetings are available to download

More information

To keep up to date on the latest information about Birmingham’s Budget please check this page regularly and you can also visit www.birminghamnewsroom.com.

Regular updates will also be added to the council’s Twitter account @bhamcitycouncil and official Birmingham City Council Facebook page.

Information relating to Budget Views 2012 can be found here.