Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Budget 2016-17

A city with 2020 vision

With a developing vision for how it will look in the year 2020, your council is changing. We are transforming what we do and how we do it in response to the changing needs of citizens and because we need to adapt to not having the money to do all the things we did before.

The vision for your future council is based on the fundamental ideals of prosperity, fairness and democracy, and, within that, to have a strong economy; safety and opportunity for all children; a great future for young people; thriving local communities; a healthy and happy population; and a modern council.

Early priorities include keeping our children’s and education improvement plans on track and successfully concluding the work set for us by the Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel.

Profound change across local government is also underway. New city-regional leadership will be put in place through the West Midlands Combined Authority, with new powers devolved from central government to allow us to drive economic growth, investment and the reform of public services. The council will become more strategic and much smaller. There will be new ways of delivering local services and new ways people can engage in their local community, such as the new local council for Sutton Coldfield.

Arising from our longer term thinking, we are focusing on a small number of big issues for the city including the provision of decent, affordable housing, investment in our transport infrastructure and a city for young people, learning and skills.

How we’re making the changes

We’ve adopted a new approach. We’ve looked at how we can meet the needs of citizens, through providing services ourselves but also with a renewed focus on how we can work with partners to achieve shared aims. Our role, with other civic and civil leaders, is to agree the vision for Birmingham and lead the city as a joint enterprise.

Our proposals for change are divided into six key themes which aim to better meet citizens’ needs, make substantial savings and improve our performance. They are:

  • Prevent family breakdown – seeking to support disadvantaged families through a range of interventions so their children can thrive.
  • Maximise the independence of adults – with Birmingham a city where getting older is a positive experience.
  • Sustainable neighbourhoods – creating an environment which is more sustainable, reduces costs and is better for the health and wellbeing of residents.
  • Economic growth and jobs – economic development and support for job creation, skills training and sustainable business growth can impact greatly on the prosperity and wellbeing of the city.
  • Changes to the workforce – our direct workforce will be smaller reflecting that outcomes and services will be delivered through new models where staff will not necessarily be directly employed by the council.
  • Council-wide – we will continue to work more efficiently, redesigning our services so they are as lean as possible.

This is a council on a journey of change and improvement. By working together in partnership we know that this city will rise to all the challenges we face and secure a great future for all its citizens.

Council tax

There will be a rise of 1.99 per cent in the city council’s base element of the council tax for 2016–17. In addition – in recognition of particular pressures on adult social care – there will be a further 2 per cent rise for the Adult Social Care Precept, which will contribute towards increasing adult social care costs. This, in total, is a rise of 3.99 per cent.