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When a book might help


Books can help with all sorts of difficulties
In story books, you can find out how the characters coped with experiences like being bullied or challenges like dyslexia.

Information books suggest ways you can help yourself and what other young people in the same situation did. Many also include telephone helpline numbers so that you can talk to someone about how you're feeling.

Here are some suggestions of books to read. You can reserve books on-line through Birmingham Libraries Catalogue.

Stories which show how children and young people learn to cope with the loss of someone they love, from picture books for the very young to teenage novels. Plus factual books about understanding death from the perspective of different cultures.

Story books for all ages, from picture books to teenage novels. Plus web links to helping organisations like Childline.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Story books and factual books about children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing, including adventure stories and romance. Plus a list of resources in libraries for deaf and hard of hearing children, including signed books and videos.

Stories about football, mums with tattoos and spooky graveyards are included in this list of books which focus on a character with dyslexia. Plus books about famous people who have dyslexia.

Eating Disorders
Information on what an eating disorder is, case studies in which young people share their experiences and guidance on where to find help. Plus sensible ways of keeping healthy through diet and exercise and a moving teenage novel.

Mobility Difficulties
A list which includes books full of thrills and adventure such as tales about a child-eating snake and a friendly ghost. All the stories feature children or young people who have difficulties with mobility. A range of non-fiction shares real-life experiences of disability.

Visual Impairment
Story books and factual books about children and young people who have a visual impairment, from picture books to fantasy stories. Plus a list of useful websites for children with a visual impairment and their families.

Young Carers
Stories about young people who spend time caring for another member of their family, perhaps because they are ill or disabled. These books are also full of romance, humour and drama.

Children and Young People with Special Needs