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Big City Plan - City Centre Masterplan

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The Big City Plan is a 20 year vision to encourage and support our continuing transformation to create a world class city centre. It covers every aspect of the built environment, from improving links into and out of the city, and maintaining and enhancing its unique character, to developing new residential communities and supporting our diverse economy. A plan showing the boundary covered by the plan is below.

Covering 800 hectares of the city centre, the Big City Plan is a physical regeneration tool and strategic planning document. It provides a framework to

  • Create 1.5 million square metres of new floorspace
  • Create over 50,000 new jobs
  • Contribute £2.1 billion to the economy each year
  • Create a well connected, efficient and walkable City Centre
  • Provide 65,000 square metres of new and improved public spaces
  • Provide 28 kilometres of enhanced walking and cycling routes
  • Provide over 5,000 new homes with new leisure and recreational facilities to attract more families
  • Value the city centre’s heritage and cultural assets
  • Integrate sustainable development and address the impact of climate change as part of the future transformation of the city centre
  • Deliver five areas of transformation supporting the growth of the City Core

The Masterplan is not a Statutory Planning document, but we and our key partners have endorsed it as the vision and framework for future development and regeneration of the City Centre. Where proposals need to be embedded in the statutory planning process to enable land use change, this will be achieved through the Core Strategy and subsequent Supplementary Planning Documents.

View the plan below or for more information go to the Big City Plan website

Document Status : Non Statutory Guidance Document - Approved July 2011

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Last Updated: 16th November 2011